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4 years ago
Yes!!!!!!! 4-3! I know it's not a common score but I don't think Villa had been involved in one for years and years.
2 offside goals? Hey? Anyway, about El Ahmadi's goal, like Gary Lineker and Roberto Martinez say, it was a tight decision, only just offside. One of his legs st...
2 chances? What are you on about??? Have you not watched the video? (which shows two good saves from Weimann, Gabby just over the bar and the goal. = 4 good cha...
Overall his English is pretty good but someone who's lived in England for eight or nine years in total shouldn't still be saying for followed by the infinitive ...
Me too :) You're a good man, Jerrold777 Arsenal fan. I like Arsenal too (though not as much as my team, Villa, understandably). Good luck with the rest of the s...
5 years ago
MichalisC... Welbeck's goal wasn't a fluke, it was great ! Maybe Walcott was a bit lucky if the keeper's view was blocked by players or if he made a mistake wit...
There's only one Villa shot on target in these highlights but we actually had three, boo. Anyway, unlucky Liverpool, according to the BBC you've hit the woodwor...
6 years ago
(PMSL: Pandas make soup legally)
Thank you Weimann! I'm very happy for him :) Match winning goal in the last minute! That's just the best kind of goal possible, fantastic!!! It's difficult to s...
Mick McCarthy mentioned his players wearing gold shirts but in fact they're orange.
At 06:33 Motty sounds exactly like Wallace from Wallace and Gromitt ! Perfect impression. He should have added "Cracking shot, Petrov". I love Motty !
Thanks for your replies guys ! Now I get it: so Bent was in front of all the Chelsea players but he was behind the ball when it was passed for him. He and Irela...
I'm so happy with this Villa performance and the result, being a Villa fan, but... I don't understand how Bent wasn't offside for his goal. He was clearly ahead...
"You coulda drove a bus through there ! And Petrov was that bus". Classic ! This commentator's a diamond geezer. Quality London accent.
I just saw an AVB interview for the first time, he seems like a cool kind of guy... reminds me a little of the Fast Show's Jazz Club presenter. Maybe he'd be be...
Ah, I see ! Thanks. For a minute I wondered if he might be talking about Sponge Bob.
Who's Sideshow Bob ?
He manages to get in great positions more than most strikers so although he sometimes misses quite a lot he also scores a lot... in each of the last few seasons...
I guess this season must be the best Gabby's ever played ! And it's been consistent. Great performance every game. Great news for Villa fans ! :)
"lurking for taps in" = the art of getting in just the right place at just the right time and they have to work hard consistently to achieve this on a regular b...
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