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Hopefully Roma can beat this luckers. Would be a shame if this Citeh enters the knockout stage, because of our stupidness
1 day ago
Totally disgusted. Once again we gift this average club a win. We should have finished them tonight. dam I'm angry. So unnecessary
United is really rebuilding, so they have an excuse. Arsenal, City and Spurs not. -Arsenal always playing the same, doing the same mistakes. As long as Wenge...
4 days ago
But the quality is absolutely shocking, considering EPL was the best league in the world some years ago. Arsenal - United for example are so far away from the ...
All participants would loose: la liga one of its biggest clubs Real Madrid his biggest rival But the biggest loser would be Barca. Playing in ligue 1 wouldn't b...
2 weeks ago
What were the stewards supposed to do? Hire an individual guard for every single away fan? _________________________ Did you ever attend a football match in eur...
True enough, I'm just saying in general that when such a topic comes up and you're in the minority concerning popular consensus, you have to be wary if it blows...
The most important thing, he will be back at second half of the season. And he also get some rest.
3 weeks ago
@Zilch I didn't write anything political. It was RGordon coming up with Erdogan and stuff like that. I just disagree punishing a whole club, for 20,30 crimina...
Why is it you choose the most contentious topics on Footytube to take part in? You always seem to be the one disagreeing with the majority vote, be careful when...
Here on german: Dortmunds Mordkommission KK 11 hat deshalb die Ermittlungen wegen versuchten Totschlages aufgenommen, bis zu fünf Jahre Haft drohen im schlimm...
Clearly not understanding that it is the club who's fans commit the act that are responsible _____________________________ The home side is responsible for saf...
Solid game. So I'm really disappointed of Roma. Same sh** like Pool yesterday. They didn't come to play. Just to loose...
You have to punish the criminals, who did this. But also the clubs have to take the checkup of the fans seriously. BVB was the home-side and so they are respon...
What exactly has Erdogan to do with it? That has nothing to do with politics... just a bunch of criminals acting like thugs. One year ban. Don't make yourself...
Playing with B-team against Real Madrid. Cmon Pool
There is a difference between Ultras and Hooligans. Hooligans aren't really football fans. They just use it as a platform for fighting police/rivals/each othe...
64.000? Never heard of that. 60.361 is the max. capacity. btw: Could Arsenal "fill" the corners at the Emirates and expand the stadium?
English and spanish clubs banned the "Ultras" from their stadiums due to several reasons. So Ultras are the one who are pro-active fans. Colorful, wearing ba...
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