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3 years ago
And we still have the young guns like Højbjerg and gaudino (maybe on day scholls kids aswell^^), once everyone comes back and we find our pace, this should be...
Haha :D I like the pick up! we have a great defense and mf paired with our amazing front line.
Harry klein is nice if your into edm just went there a few days ago and the music was epic (dirty doering was the act), other clubs more central are like 089 ro...
I have to agree with you, he played really well and with an ease it was fun to watch. The way he played sort of reminded me of thiago.
Whaddup, guess who it is
4 years ago
I think he should get what robben müller make,he can earn as much as ribery schweini and lahm earn when hes 28-29
Very true!
Müller injured :( we really have a lot of injuries this year, good thing that we have such a large squad!
Its so sad... they are 3 points ahead of Dortmund in the league and then they get raped again internationally, last year (I think) they lost 7-0 to barca... e...
Lol! is there some secret footytube silkroad I dont know about?!?! but I want whatever youre taking ;)
I cringed so hard when he sang that song at the end of the season in the summer during the celebration at marienplatz lol yes hes quite the dork :p
LOL! This is great :) Müller sort of looks like Völler :S
He is injured atm i think they are just misinformed :) He wont leave he was doing great before he got injured
Haha, no sry arjen i only played silver way back in the day i think i might still ahve some trading cards tho :D If were already on the topic of games, any o...
I agree with you I think ribery should win it, and if he ever does its this year. I think he doesnt get as much attention because he is not as prolific in goal ...
Replying to your second post on the City forum dude. I am saying it again, look beyond the ones you don't like and talk to the others. You will find it a comple...
Yea might have been a bit harsh :) He did seem a bit lost though :( he was quite impressive in the bundesliga so far.
I saw my wall, and im not trying to start a fight. The whole reason i joined this site a few years ago was because i wanted to talk to and hear from people outs...
Hey Max, In the city forum, the city fans get to write some unreasonable comments and let off steam. You don't need to get upset about it and raise a furor. K...
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