Robbery18 celebrating the 4t WC win for Germany :)
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My god your DP literally hurt me physically
2 weeks ago
I think there is no need for us to look at Barca/Real. I am really worried about Benfica. I honestly have this gut feeling that we will somehow get knocked out....
3 weeks ago
Seriously they are acting like we all hate Pep... But I personally respect him a lot but he expects from Bayern too much at times. He doesn't really learn from ...
1 month ago
I feel like people do not even understand why some Bayern fans are annoyed with Pep. No doubt it was Peps brilliant subs which won us the match today. Since P...
Messi winning the Uefa player of the year was the obvious choice but I just wanted congratulate him and you guys.
8 months ago
Are we not looking for any 'winger' types of players? There is no one linked to us which I cannot understand why. Robbery both out injured and that wont change ...
9 months ago
Beautiful video man ;(
I 100% agree with 'Barracuda' Bastian left in a way where there was not a lack of respect imo. Imagine if the board let him go like Real let go Casillas I would...
Bayern is changing too much under Pep ;(
I agree with every point you made here. It is kinda sad to see how we have the perfect squad but we are not using it to is full potential + injuries.
12 months ago
@Kayslay I know the comment is funny since I as a Bayern fan can laugh at it. But you literally posted this comment on 5 different team pages. Stop trying so h...
Damn I never knew how much Barca fans hated Neuer. I guess that proofs he is the best keeper. Congrats to Messi for scoring two beauriful goals.
Well the last 13 mins we concede 3 goals lol We had no attacking threat throughout the match. We did not shoot once on target all match long. They deserve the 3...
He had so much space and Thiago to his right. Bernat needs to cross the ball more.
@GSS I was just stating a fact lol I am almost never online posting comments. I just read a lot around the site. I am not SIF I assure you that.
Well Messi has not scored a goal against Neuer yet.... :P
No you are the favorites everyone expects you guys to win :P
Two great videos :) I am really excited for this game but I just cant help but feel sad, this game would have been for the history books if all our players wo...
Good news guys Rode has injured himself just before the game, he might be available for the return leg -.-
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Robbery18 celebrating the 4t WC win for Germany :)
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Robbery18 gave the Bayern München v Barcelona video a rating of 5
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