Robbery18 celebrating the 4t WC win for Germany :)
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I can see what you mean but at some point Benatia basically kicked Vasquez in the chest lol I agree we are not in the best of forms currently. Real was the cl...
1 month ago
To me that was a pen. I didn't like how the game ended but honestly you cant make an argument on how that wasn't a penalty.
You know with Bayern you never know what is actually happening we are like Ninjas on the transfer market lol Fantastic news I am really excited to see him play...
10 months ago
Ffs the goal should not have counted it was offside
1 year ago
The CL draws definitely seem rigged to me. I just cannot believe that for the past few years these same draws came to be by chance. Technically these are entert...
FFS f**k UEFA.... How can it be possible that we see the same matches every damn year??? Arsenal vs Bayern and PSG vs Barca have been played way too many times...
Can anyone imagine us buying Sane? We have Coman and Costa but I dont see them staying for a long time with us. We should maybe get Sane just because he was bor...
I am not a Messi hater but after being found guilty this is a BS sentence. If a average guy called Joe did that he would be in Prison for a long time.
Germany playing without Gomez, Hummels, Khedira/schweinsteiger. I dont fancy our chances against france with these injuries tbh.
Modric is definitely one of the best players. I remember you guys did struggle whenever he was injured.
You are right it wasnt perfect I guess I am currently just too happy. I know Germany can do much better but not against Italy. We can dominate and win big agai...
Yh Kimmich such a young confident player. We really gotta thank Pep for giving Germany a make do RB.. I am disappointed with the penalties of Mueller and Schw...
^ No, Germany played the perfect tactical game against Italy. It was a phenomenal game plan from Loew. Germany played a fantastic match against Italy. I do not ...
Overall we deserved to go through. The penalty shootout was a roller coaster for the germans and italians. We finally beat Italy I am glad this is finally som...
All of Germany after seeing who we are playing next ... Italy :) -> ;(
Müller takes the penalties but he missed one in the opening match against Ukraine.
Ronaldo being Ronaldo I guess. I am suprised there are people in this world who actually believe Portugal can win the Euros. As soon as they play a decent team ...
No suprise he has a big following India does have more than a billion people. Although tbf he is probably the best batman out there.
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Robbery18 celebrating the 4t WC win for Germany :)
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