Robbery18 celebrating the 4t WC win for Germany :)
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JRaty, At this rate Messi will fly past Ronaldo. Incredible!
2 weeks ago
^ I assume you are talking about La Liga top scorer? 1 Cristiano Ronaldo 28 2 Lionel Messi 23 Messi could definitely catch up but Ronaldo has be...
I just watched a extended 20 minute highlight of your match yesterday. Barcelona is looking very dangerous especially with MSN running like a machine now. Nice ...
@Sanchez The last time Neuer played Ronaldo was during the World Cup. Germany won 4:0 against Portugal. Yes he is talking about the 2012/2013 season.
2 months ago
Man Sebastian Rode changed the game yesterday. He stopped everything which came his way and he got the corner which lead to the goal. We really have a insane se...
@RealFan "Neuer is the best keeper in 2014, but is no where near the level of Ronaldo and Messi." Do you want Neuer to score 50+ Goals every season? Or is he ...
Dude imo Messi deserves to be up there even with his 'weak' year. His worst season is still better than 99% of players in all leagues! I got this off the Barca ...
3 months ago
SMH What the hell is wrong with people... RIP
I thought I would post some news about our Club and its financials: For the 2013/2014 Season we made a turnover of more than €500 million! Which is obviously...
So we make three individual mistakes and Aguero scores each of them Conclusion: Manchester City is really bad but then there is Aguero. I am not too mad abou...
LOOL Looks like the red card actually helped us. Manchester City is not defending as deep anymore xD
Our Capitano Phillip Lahm has turned 31 today. Incredible consistent player who has had a amazing career so far! Congrats Phillip
You guys had terrible luck today. I just watched the highlights of your match and I think I saw 6 shots which hit the cross bar?! Keep your heads up guys this s...
4 months ago
Its unbelievable how many chances we needed to score. Regardless we completely dominated this game and Dortmund had nothing in this game. Well deserved win for ...
Great first half but we really need to score from the countless chances we had!
He just broke Messis 4 goals in a single match record!
I am not referring to anyone in particular the comment was just supposed to be a joke :)
The commentator on the german Sky Sports mentioned how Bremen must feel really delighted since they only conceded 6 goals in 90 minutes LOOL
This reminds of the Brazil game this Summer... good times xD
I remember reading someones comment here about how Roma will beat Bayern in this group. I guess he was
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Robbery18 celebrating the 4t WC win for Germany :)
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