Robbery18 celebrating the 4t WC win for Germany :)
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All of Germany after seeing who we are playing next ... Italy :) -> ;(
1 day ago
Müller takes the penalties but he missed one in the opening match against Ukraine.
2 days ago
Ronaldo being Ronaldo I guess. I am suprised there are people in this world who actually believe Portugal can win the Euros. As soon as they play a decent team ...
2 weeks ago
No suprise he has a big following India does have more than a billion people. Although tbf he is probably the best batman out there.
Yh just so we can have a useless 1/8 finals... The number of teams have increased from 16 to 24 so they added another round before the quarter finals.
^ I am afraid to tell you our coach does that too, the nose picking. worse part is he ate that booger too. If I could only find a clip. Oh look it was too dam...
Its more due to the way we are playing. Have you seen how far up all players are playing? He didnt have the room which he usually has.
I guess we all now who the favourites are: France, Germany, Spain.... If it isnt any of those 3 them it has to be England, they are for me the dark horse of the...
Did you just jinx it?
3 weeks ago
In Germany a number of people are wondering why Ter Stegen is number 2 behind Neuer. It realistically should be Kevin Trapp from PSG. Ter Stegen has never been...
4 weeks ago
Did Zidane take off Benzema and Kroos due to injury?
1 month ago
^totally agree with you.
While Liverpool didnt get a penalty and conceded a own goal. The second half was absolutely pathetic. They dont deserve to win this because they did not create ...
Damn english media and most EPL fans talking s**t about Pep. Some of them are calling him a 'fraud'... I already feel sorry for him since he is going hear s**...
I am really disappointed but man what a incredible match this was... If only Mueller had scored that penalty...
Wait was the club Leceister bought by a rich dude?? I didnt know that lol
Leicester did the impossible. We witnessed something which we might never see again. ^ Why you guys taking shots at the BPL? Bayern & Dormund are the only one ...
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Robbery18 celebrating the 4t WC win for Germany :)
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