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The "champions league final" was just played in madrid.. so much grit.. congrats to bayern!!
6 years ago
I think he didn't get the Ronaldo message.."Shhhhhhh!"
NO!! It's el classico.. it's la liga and it's a lot of well-deserved humility!
CR7 to camp nou: "SHHHH..relax, chill bitches.. there is more to it than just tiki f*****g taka!!"
When the fox couldn't reach the grape, she walked away dismissively..'oh, it's just too sour!!'
I like ur name "Albo" but, sorry... have to ignore what's written under it!!
OKAY!!! so where's the beef?? isn't Messi ur game changer?? ur post is barely containing the hate..go get an ambien to fall asleep tonight!!
Compliments from who?? you? aren't u the guy who watches 'jersey shore'? and barcafan learn how to spell 'heels' 'hills' are what u have to cross over to reach ...
What wha?? i can't hear u Messi, from down there in second place
Think i know why haters call him gaynaldo... he sticks it to them in the back every single time
Why can't ppl just appreciate instead of hate?? do i have to state the obvious...Real is 8 pts ahead (of what's considered) the best team in the world-that take...
"mourinhos of the football world"...what do u mean?? barca lost...how unfair...life is unfair-get used to it!! And about the 'game bought with checks' comment.....
7 years ago
I'm Sergio Ramos... yeah barca...u won... good for u... now, get of my face bi.tches i am a human being and i got feelings...and right now...i wanna kick Puyol'...
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