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Hithere (Lu Mon)
Hithere, a tentacled 6-foot-midget, hails from the icy planet of Ubertron, where everything is uber-cool. Once a powerful and noble ruler of the Kingdom of LOLcatville, Hithere ...
InLoveSince96 (Jacque Strap) USA
Short background: I was born in the UK, moved by my parents to sunny California when I was 9 I've traveled a bit in my life, and wherever I am in the world I've been supporting Un ...
Uhh...What the heck should I write here...
Jarvis911 (Pete Jarvis)
JayTIP (Jason) Jamaica
Fell in love with United the first time I saw them play. Unfortunately, in the US, not many people give football much attention, but I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I supp ...
Kagawa (Mohid)
Don't have much to say just love Manchester united :)
Karthik24 (Karthik Bayar) from Bangalore, India
Manchester United till I die!! I became a Manchester United fan after playing a game of Fifa demo back in 2003 which had only 2 teams man utd and arsenal,always used to select M ...
Kayslay (Kelvin)
Love football. Love MUFC.
Kayteo (K)
and England
Kazeus (Kamil) from Preston, England
It has always been United.
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