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Rickster555 nominated F. Delph (80') for Goal of the Week
Que partidazos del grupo 2! Vamos Emelec! Vamos Quito!
6 years ago
Great job Levante! I hope you guys take one of those CL spots
He is not a DM. He's a box to box midfielder. Arteta and Song share defensive duties.
Off course they were lucky. our last man getting injured right at that moment was lucky. McClean took advantage of the situation but they way he was put in that...
Its not cheating if you're penalized. if not, every foul would be cheating
No complaints about the ref. Cahill shouldve been sent off and man utd awarded a penalty. It was made up later. United fought for the draw and they got it. Grea...
Question to the real madrid supporters: If you win the league but are beaten by Barcelona in both clasicos, does the league title feel less deserved? or does it...
"dench" is a word coined by Frimpong, an Arsenal player who has just been sent on loan to Wolves. Its meaning is similar to the words "swag" or "cool"
Look at the word on the shield and you'll know
Czechaporeanboi, You're a disgrace to Arsenal fans
You mean RVPs goal, which is obviously better than this one? don't get me wrong tho, Klose is class!!!
Jackie go home
Nasri is a c*&t!
GTFO Basel deserved the win
There is no corruption! the zagreb players were pretty down after the game and after the goals. the reason why lyon scored so much at the end was because the d...
Goal technology is different from what happened in this game. i dont think there's any offsides technology available.. in any case, SHAMEFUL REFEREEING!
I bet on Napoli too haha
Haha this guy's hilarious! good for Napoli. I certainly hope we don't draw them
We only had 2 starters. Vermaelen and Santos. Olympiakos was great tho. Hats off
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