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I am becoming a true madridista in every sense of the world.I live for my Music and sports Which in turn can be Narrowed down to RnB n football.
it would be a very end of life,The Universe na d Evryting' for me if i lose any of these.and ya m α Los Merengues fan....

cяαzє fєя gαмiи.. wσcнiи σl รσятz σv иσи-รєиรє... .. bυиkiи clαssEz... σяkυυтiи-- yєαн r tiиgz i jυs cαи kєєρ σии dσiи fєя yяzz...lσlz..!!
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The great Real Madrid is going to crush you like a bug, you bunch of talentless noisy Germans. How could you even dare compare yourselves to Mourinho's Immortal...
6 years ago
Tomorrow's News: Ibrahimovic fined for speaking against UEFA and their favourite club. "This team always shows its true colours ." ofcourse you do .. you dive ...
@Vmaestro - dude atleast granero played good n wat abt Arbeloa... he is da reason y v r conceding goalz lately.. he iz nt our quality player.. hope mou notices ...
I am a Madrid fan but i like the way Thiago playz... he iz the future Xavi of Spain!
Barca is not breaking any records, only Messi is. RM are a TEAM so the team is breaking records. CR7 was just awesome.. guys plz help me find a website wich is ...
Superb game by Sahin... just love his neat play.... i dnt knw why Mou prefers wastefull Khedira ova him. sahin shud play alongside Xabi! benz played well but he...
Nice picture man,2 cool votes for you and somebody with a cool picture like that deserve to be my friends.
What a Thunderbolt from CR7 :) Goal of the season contender!
Before this game Sporting Gijon had lost at home only three times. All these loses were for the minimum difference (one goal) and two of the teams that won in E...
It lookd like as if farca paid those athleti playerz to injure our playerz... they were in a mood of breaking legz.. there should been another 2 red cards for t...
Haha, I love to see these arrogant rascals lose. Loved to see Busquets flop to the ground in the area and get carded. They thought they could just come in and w...
Hala Madrid, this is called a TEAM, this is called 'beautiful game', this is called passing and this is called SCORING, minimum touches and BANG. not some 300 p...
CR7 rockz! i can c sum Farca fans Whinning! :P
Valencia 2-2 Barca red card; Bilbao 2-2 Barca red card; Barca 0-0 Sevilla red card; Coincidence? No, referee's work. Then Xavi says people should give us credit...
For Barca, there are only two ways of winning. first, get an easy win, humiliate the opponent, control the ball 70% or more. second, get a difficult win by "for...
Cules evrywhere... They must be shitting their pants rite nw... Higuain's Goal was Siccccckkkk :) Angel Get well Soon... Hala madrid !
Hala Madrid :) Barca Cules :P
This is the way i want my Blancos to play, Hala Madrid !!!
Lucky cules !
CR7 has got some sick skills which no other players possesses right now... Messi is jus good with ball control but aint got ant skills.
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