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* Xavi ** Messi *** Iker Casillas in addition Pedro and Ronaldo had good games too
8 years ago
@dutchglory 2010 you are such a hypocrite - look at how many passes ronaldo made to open teammates during the game! the differnece was Messi had better passes ...
I agree! LOL
Funny just a couple years ago Moyes wanted Moutinho... good to see Sporting holing on to their youngsters. Miguel Veloso, Yannick Djalo, Rui Patricio and Mout...
Who would have predicted this , esp. with both teams form compt. differnet. Sporting were amazing this game ... their creativity came out - hard to believe they...
Who would vote Benfica as Lucky? Shame on you ... Benfica could have easily scored another 3 goals without breaking a sewat!
What about Spain? but England are set up nice to make it into the semi's
Great late goal from Braga ... keeping the Heat on Benfica, its amazing how well they're playing
I agree, Beckham wasnt involved in the game. I watched the game and idnt recognize him. I think Brining in Seedorf changed the game a bit ... but Inter defended...
English Press are a bunch of Gypseys ... they fick their own ... Dont they know this will hurt england in the WC??? Furthermore, why Didn't Carvalho start?
A deserved win for Braga, they played well as a team and broke down moost of Sportings attack from the mid-field. there defending isn't the greatest, esp. anyth...
Wtf? everyone used to wear this logo back in the day, but that was probably more related to NWA spreading its fame :P LOL .... anyways I still think a Pirate an...
Great Post :) Cheers I think England should worry about the U/S, they will be extremely fit and prepared. then it loks easy till the quarter finals
Great Win by Inter! the red-card was harsh, but the ref. could have called a penalty on Maicon from Ronaldinhos flick inside the box, in the first half. It woul...
Wow sloppy defending by Guimaraes ... they kept on pushing and got a point out of it, unlucky not to get the win. KEEP IT UP, I WANNA SEE YOU GUYS MAKE IT INTO ...
Benfica will win the europa cup!!!
Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbYdD7SGEwI here it is cracks me up everytime! hahahahahahahahaha
Wow! It would have been better if the commentator was a Fulham fan and went crazy, like the Portsmouth one when Pedro Mendes scored that wonder goal to save the...
What an amazing game! GREAT SPIRIT from INTER! BTW SAMUEL IS ON-SIDE , I seen various replays and it is clear! it just looks offside cuz the Siena player is...
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