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This is a quote from the new book of Pirlo on Fergie, it came out yesterday: On Sir Alex Ferguson's decision to use Park Ji Sung to man-mark him, something P...
1 week ago
Yeah I know but the thing is that I asked one of the employees, and with a stupid smark on his face told me "umh those shirts have been on sale for a while now,...
I went to a sports store and was looking at this shirts so I realized how overpriced they are and then I looked at the United section and everything is on sale!...
2 weeks ago
Thanks mate! you're one of the few Liverpool fans with class that knows how to appreciate what should be appreciated.
3 weeks ago
We can't just go for a manager that is having a good tempo like Diego although he is a super talented manager, I think he need somebody who feels the club, som...
I heard Sir Alex Ferguson is taking a year vacation from the team and is coming back this summer!
1 month ago
Riajz just Watched
Double or Quit!
Every time we loose I get on FIFA 14 and take all my frustrations on Madrid or Chelsea. I'm out!!!
Zaha what a waste of talent! Oh Moyes I hope you did not make a mistake on him...
2 months ago
Hahaha "Here's the harsh truth SIF: Unless you win the CL this season -which is highly unlikely- there is no way in hell you're playing in it next season. But o...
What's your user ID?9
Ever Banega!
Is Mata available In the United team on FIFA 14 already?
Gundogan/Giovinco/marchisio/Modric or Vidal
If Zaha and Kagawa click in their positions and are given a chance we can do wonders... Is all about mentality and chemistry.
Don't forget the best player of the season and best young player as well "Zaha"
BREAKING NEWS: Mata is performing a medical at the United facilities 37M€ OFFICIAL
3 months ago
I'm sorry where do Hazard, Oscar and William coming from? .... Chelsea academy? Oh no sorry millions were paid there. Adnan is an academy processor. Enough w...
Yeah he is only 18 and is a pure product of a well worked youth system, many OTHER teams can't claim that. We don't buy our talent we make it.
Hey guys I switched my PlayStation ID for FIFA if you guys ever want to have one of those great games... ADD ME: Riajz-
Have a wonderful new year all of you fellow United!!! and I bet my fortune we will bounce back! There's no doubt in my mind this new year will be special.
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