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This is utter nonsense, and I don't know how that Wenger comment became so misconstrued. He was asked about Arsenal "losing" the title, and he replied that, te...
Lewandowski is a machine. Definitely top 5 forwards in the game currently.
I too chuckle at the amazing grammar of United fans.
5 years ago
Toure is such a class act. Top drawer performance out of him today. Aguero looked flat.
Lackluster performance by Arsenal. The lack of urgency and purpose in the attacking third is troubling. I also don't think I have ever seen Walcott deliver a go...
Haha, absolutely! Cool as you like...a soft caress of a goal. Put him at striker!
Truly unbelievable
Does anyone else cringe every time this announcer opens his mouth, ie orgasms over 'chameleon eyes'? Idolatry works sometimes in sports casting, but this guy is...
Could not agree more. I don't mind crunching tackles or aggressive play, but when you add in gratuitous diving like Pepe does... well that's the height of chica...
United barely a match for the supple chest of Mr. Gerrard.
Hart and Kompany will be gutted about that last goal. Why on earth did Kompany let it through?!
I didn't notice as much disconnect between Tello and Messi. I think it's Messi's gift (and Pep's instruction) to hold the ball and draw defenders to open up spa...
6 years ago
Great analysis. You should start a website mate. :)
@Jeroen - spot on mate. As an Arsenal fan I'd put RVP higher. What he's done this season is extraordinary. But otherwise I'm in full agreement.
I thought the commentary was too critical of the defense (Djourou, primarily), and not critical enough on the midfield. Rosicky's turn over directly led to the ...
Completely agreed. ramos has some of that, but on the whole it is lacking in spanish play.
True - that is poor form.
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