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Andyeswecan You obviously didn't listen to the Newcastle old-boys commentary "... you've got to go down"
7 years ago
Blah blah blah Its a man's game. So your little boys need to man up and play. The big picture is it is not the responsibility of the opposition to stand aroun...
Yep. I'm glad to see that reports of Nani's death against Liverpool were in error.
Astute and insightful analysis. Thanks for your contribution.
Benzema looks a lot more comfortable when he is not the central striker. He needs someone like Adebayor to lead the line. For the 2nd goal Benzema would normall...
FutbolKing Its not just rugby players that get sliced. Once again THIS is a cut http://www.knee1.c...
It may have but it was accidental. To be a foul a handball must be deliberate. The rules specifically state that the position of your hands (e.g. the dreaded "a...
True, rugby players are mental. I'm not suggesting Nani should have played on the cut looked nasty. Buts its about personal integrity and fortitude. The best ...
Actually, if Carragher had done this earlier, then Nani would not have been able to set up Kuyt for the 2nd goal. You should be angry he waited till nearly half...
I've copped plenty of tackles like that though I nnever got sliced like Nani. I understand Carragher deserved a red, who doesn't? More importantly, did you fol...
Just to put Nani's reaction into perspective. Here is a real cut suffered by NZ Rugby League player Michael Luck. After getting this (accidentally) he ran 10m ...
Yeah, like this one
Latoo you are a fool who does not know or understand the rules. I will write this in BIG letters so that you and every other whinging Barca supporter understand...
Reddevilz306 It does when your'e smoking crack rock (a la Shaun Ryder). P.S. It's called a joke.
But you're a manc! No-one wants your kidney after all the smack you guys smoke and inject.
Gahh!! Barca's football isn't even Spanish. Being such a Barcelona devotee you obviously know all about Johann Cruyff and how he instituted the club's current...
Read the rules boyo, handballs are not fouls unless they are deliberate. P.S. I am pretty sure that no real Barca fan would take the nickname of a Real stalwar...
What, the "handballs"? Neither were "handballs" because to be called as a foul a "handball" must be deliberate. Go read the rules, then come back when you have ...
Thank bejaysus the boys are back. Where have you been? P.S. Ian St John and Alan Hansen are voice twins. Shut your eyes and listen - its freakish.
I'm all for talented skillful football, but this is like watching a cat play with a mouse.
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