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8 years ago
Well if you're gonna have a last minute win over and over and over and over again can you really call it luck?
Yeah look mr chelsea fan, let's just wait for sunday okay..
I conquer.
That was a wicked goal from berba :p
Man utd had some probs wit defending, but overall they did ok.. it soud have actually be 1-0.. cuz the last minute goal was a give away by man utd cuz they were...
In yo face chelsea faggot!
He just came back from injury bro..that's why he isn't playing first team yet.
I used to hate on owen so much just because he just went down the line and never went back up. But i just realized that the guy just had a bunch of really reall...
Did you watch the game bro!?! i'm not backing down my point, it was gay and it still is. but i gotta give respect where respect is due, torres is amazing.
U guys lost man so dnt be angry at liverpool for their win, blame ur own team for doing a bad job.
Liverpool and the refs can all go choke on a horse dick!!! that was the worst fukn refereeing i've seen all my life! they had a zillion bad calls.. and for live...
Another reason why i love manutd so much is that they never rely on just one player like other teams(e.g Rmadrid and Liverpool) we had a great controlled game a...
I find that valencia has improved enormously since his first official game as a United player. he passes are f*****g accurate and timed to perfection. he had a ...
Gotta loveee it. liverpool sucks without torres and gerrard! hahha
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I think that it was a great game by manchester united since they had a good control of the game. it was sick management by sir alex. props boys!
Great game by berbatov! he can be so threatening at time and gotta love he's composure and style of play.
And you're a sp*urs doesn't get any worse for you
I could've sworn you were a liverpool fan 5 seconds ago..
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