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Carrick needs to play on crutches if he has to. It's embarrassing to have a player like Cleverely taking the mantle of players previously like Keane, Scholes, P...
4 days ago
Smalling would not start over Pepe. Smalling can't even hit a simple pass straight. Most uncoordinated players I've seen in a while.
I believe someone a few pages back called me out for saying that United should only have world class players. Well, I believe this 45 minutes should answer that...
Players that are simply not United standard still at the club: Young Welbeck Cleverely Smalling Fellaini Valencia (unless he's a back up RB) Jones (unfortunatel...
5 days ago
Reports saying Rojo is a done deal. I nearly believed it until... oh yea, so was Thiago Alcantara. For fucks sake, Woodward should be hung from the London Bri...
1 week ago
You know what Darren Fletcher should have done? Instead of nominating Ronaldo for the ice bucket challenge, he should have nominated the Glazers for the lava bu...
I don't know if you guys have heard, but Nani, Anderson and Zaha have all been axed from the 1st team per Bleacher Report. They go on to say that the three cann...
Indyakaila just tweets every possible thing that could happen and then goes back and deletes what didn't happen.
That just about makes me think that our only siginings this window will be Herrera and Shaw. Blast, oh well. I do agree with karthik tho, of all sources, Mirro...
2 weeks ago
I'm beginning to agree with what you say now. Especially when you bring in pride, and mention how Utd attacked relentlessly even when the game was gone against ...
1 month ago
Ok so here I am after a long time away. I'm fed up with the ignorance of the Americans around me (yes I love my country, but I can't stand how they have no clue...
Sir Alex was in the stands sitting with Marc Reus's and Toni Kroos's agent. Just something to think about
4 months ago
Well, I guess it was a good thing I didn't tell my brother in the hospital to watch the game.... he would have been pissed beyond measure
OK I got a question guys. I was going to ask a girl on a date when one of her friends told me she just got a boyfriend like a few days ago. So obviously asking ...
Hey mate...just wanted to check how ur mother and brother are doing. ..hope they are recovering quickly..stay strong mate..everything will get back to normal so...
Let's go Athletico!!! You guys deserve to win it all!!! I have not seen such a humble, hardworking group of players and coaches!!! Man Utd fans are just one of ...
OK so my mom's surgery was a success. She will be released out of the hospital in 2-3 days. However, my brother has fractured feet and they are too swollen to p...
Hey bro, Please let me know if you need someone to talk to or anything, My facebook account is and whatsapp +6594454597. Stay strong brother
Not to piss in anyone's coffee, but yesterday my younger brother and my mother got into a serious crash. My brother was airlifted to one hospital and my mother ...
@Prophet I admit that I was actually happy with Moyes' hiring when it first came out in the summer but through the course of the season, I'm not as certain.
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