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When Wenger buys a player over 20.
When Wenger sells that player 3 years later.
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Redbeast86 thought the Arsenal v Hull City match was awesome
4 years ago
Players in spain have so much time in front of goal it's ridiculous.
It's all them bitter rottenham fans
Not a penalty? goal scoring opportunity, in the box, the defender is BEHIND the player and he pulls his pants down just before he shoots. It was a red and a pen...
Footylight sucks, the highlights are piss poor and the app isnt even up to date, don't waste your time. Someone please put a stop to these horrible highlights.
Hey kids, want to get off the bench and recognized as one of the best players in your national team?? Well look no further. Fly Emirates! and get yo ass to Arse...
Quick question Demonking, as you 'seem' to know your stuff. Where does Germany currently choose to deploy Podolski? Looked it up yet? Podolski has class and ...
5 years ago
Robin Van WhoIsHe?
I like how the stats say 0 fouls...surely that's not right. Get your sh*t together :)
Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa laa laaa lalala laaa, lalala laaa...
Bravo Liverpool!
6 years ago
I don't want him to score when he wants, i want him to score when i want :p
It was all HA HA HA! when Arsenal lost 3-2 to these guys, but who's laughing now? :D
Can we pin this comment please!
Forgot to give much deserved praise to Song, thought it went without say, but here i am making sure it is said!
Football wise i'd say Liverpool did press a bit harder (and often at times too hard), however class wise Arsenal was superior. Kuyt tends to play good against u...
Today (and Chel53a) wa2 proof that the be5t defense is a good offence
I love how quiet the tottenham fans have gotten, they were everywhere before the game. It must really suck going into a game thinking you are going to win, go 2...
2 cool votes for you mate! cya around!
Footytube really needs to put a thumbs down option on here
Can anyone tell me the name of the song playing in the back round? Bolivia were so lucky, i don't get why they were rated so highly.
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