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I don't believe QPR can avoid being relegated now!
R.Madrid only scare Barca not ManUTD
I never understand Why J.W.Henry hired B.Roger. Really, I could not see he is the candidate to succeed Mr.Rafa. Liverpool have a team but no manager, hard to b...
Michu and Pablo Henandez should be in Spain team
Where is W.Zaha? isn't him Ivory Coast?
Mr.Chil3 One thing you should know is that even if you scored 80-0 you still get 3 points, and the league leader still belongs to Man UTD. 2games 13 goals Barc...
Flop of the match really should be Rooney
Mate, just put yourself in his position. How would you react to the incident?
I would rather use my whole life saving to punt on Barca - La Liga Champion 2012-2013, but the odd is just 1.10 (I suppose) Can anyone convince me this?
Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are no longer entertain-able teams and should not belong to the Champion League next season. Let welcome new teams such as Everto...
I have faith that West Brom gonna play in Champion Leauge next season.
What you guys lament about, the sack of RDM? Trust me if he continued his job, Chelsea could be in serious danger of end up in playing in Europa Leauge this sea...
Look out, West Bromwich are going to play in the Champion League next season, Foza Clark...........
I understand the need of technology in football, but look in this way mates, are you going to use technology to detect fake faults, dives, off-side/in-side goal...
This poves Arsene is far more better than Brendon
It seems Sahin is the next Aquilani
Gerrard, Carrager and Joe Cole have to go for the new, good and quality players to come.
Can anyone tell me whose the girl sitting closed to Mourinho. I would like to have her accompanied for the rest of my life......
Mata, Llorente and Javi Matines did not have much time in this Euro.
They are expected to beat Greece easily
6 years ago
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