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ArsenalForever8 (Daniel Araya)
I like to play football and watch Arsenal and Real Madrid play.
Nebulous, Ambivalent, Humanoid
Award (Aaron Ward)
Babaluga (Bimbi Bruno) Hungary
Ben (Tarek Ben) from New York, USA
An avid Arsenalist since the french era began in the late nineties. I fell in love with the way football was played at Arsenal. This has inspired me to attempt to replicate this be ...
BigShel (Sheldon D.) from Unionville, USA
My home club is the Philadelphia Union. My home brew is Yuengling Lager!!!! My second favorite sport is women's pro beach volleyball!
BoiiFresh (James Andrew) from London, England
CanonsofArsene (Nilmar)
I am Irresistible. Trust me till you've met me, after which you will be convinced of it, my friend. Lol no... I guess I'm just chill but a little feisty at times.
CCBrown (Claston)
Chlaxin019 (Jules)
Current91 (James)
Daffy (Joe Wood) from London, England
Only girl I know around that loves FOOTY!
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