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Can't help it but I like to make things happen with a little style and passion... especically when it comes to football and playing it. Learning how to improve stuff around me is also a vibe I like, along with not over-doing stuff. If there's positive entertainment around, I'm already there ;-)
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Yup, agreed with Gunners4mylifeh. He's a decent passer of the ball whenever Wenger lets him play in the b2b role or as a CDM sometimes but he can get better at ...
17 hours ago
He still started more games than Campbell and is as strong as the Ox. I think playing in the EPL would beef him up regardless, but he's no push over and only We...
Yet, out of Gnabry, Akpom and Sanogo I think Wellington Silva is the most ready to step up. He played a lot of games in La Liga as a starter which is MUCH more ...
I like to listen to you guys follow up rumours because it's not that fun for me as it might be for others. What I also like is to look into is which youngster w...
That match against Gala was when I realised how good he was because playing DM for AFC isn't easy... just ask le Coq
2 days ago
Damn, I was looking fwd to watching AFC playing them with Pearson as coach smh.
Every time I watch Chile play, their aggression and chemistry gets more appealing. They just scored a really ugly goal but Sanchez and Araguiz made it look good...
3 days ago
^Agreed... Cesc is an AFC ex that we all should move on from, especially since Wenger gots the appeal that all the high quality athletes are forever attracted t...
This is why i've always adored Wenger, I knew i'd eventually see fans like YG admitting the priceless effect he has on the club... now the WOBs are basically ex...
4 days ago
I think Wenger and his team always calculates risks in all aspects as much as possible but I really like when he gambles on young players. I've never seen Wenge...
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