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Ofcourse he is, but if it was between getting another belgian who isnt doing too well versus a top flight german player for a possible lower amount then id go f...
3 days ago
@franky, I would argue that ronaldo's penalty was second in the order due to the fact that he was definitely fouled but was really close to the line which confu...
I dont think athletico needs the help from barca to beat them lol
I think its first team to win copa del rey without conceding a single goal.
Seriously witsel? He hasnt been anything special the past two years and he plays in the russian league. Add to that they would want huge money for him, it would...
5 days ago
Kudos for alves for being humble but in my opinion, too many players whine and complain about things that are often 50/50 regardless. Like juve vs gala weather ...
1 week ago
Some scum probably bought 20 of them and will resell them for a huge margin. I am f*****g tired of that s**t. Not just football. Concerts, movie premiers, techs...
I mean for professionals who have grown up to play on minefield like pitches like the rest of us mortals it really makes you wonder how good their pitch conditi...
I dont think athletico has 500m debt, I heard somewhere its almost a healthy debt (i guess?) and that they have no obligation to sell for financial reasons. Now...
But fifa crosses are so beast lol. Thats why Moyes implemented the mandatory 10 crosses per player rule for us.
Man i was really hoping Barca would pull of a late win. It would make a great game for neutrals.
Wow, you really got me with that fakemanchester thing, roll the tape and see how many players bayern had in defense when united attacked. Its part of the game t...
There is no way I would put di maria ahead of the likes of benzema, alonso, or ramos. Furthermore, Bale was the penalty taker at spurs and is kind of the second...
Athletico's style is complementary to barca's. Bread and butter, peanut butter and jam sort of thing. Against fast paced teams or set play oriented teams, they ...
None, because he didnt play.
@marco, lets be realistic, your only "enjoying" bayern football because your getting results. What did bayern do last year against barca? Fill the midfield and ...
I know, cant do much now, just gotta keep your head down and hope for a successful end to the campaign and some decent signings to get us back to the top. I kno...
Or claim that the truth is we didn't participate. The fact that we outplayed the "best team" in some parts of the game says otherwise.
There is only two reasons to move to Spain and that's Barca and Madrid for a dumb $um. Maybe with the acquisition of wealth, Athletico madrid might be able to k...
2 weeks ago
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