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Dikzakke (Wannes De Vos) from Edegem, België
Donnchadh (Duncan Hamilton) from Flagstaff, United States
Love footy and beer. And a big fat joint in the morning haha And my name is Duncan, I've got three brothers who I love dearly more than anyone or anything, cept for maybe this c ...
Dooli (Abdul.Hassanovic)
ElivaN (Ivan) from Brooklyn, USA
An American (half Spanish-- hence the liking of the Spain National Team) lad who likes football! Yes football, not soccer ;)
Eric (Eric Franca) from Gainesville, USA
In grad school for neuroengineering, but I get more excited about soccer than anything else.
Futbolmadrid (Jazzy Habibi)
Groenenhoek (Ben Meulders) from Berchem, België
Gunnersbasnet (Sarthak)
Hadie (M. Hashimi)
I was once a basketball player but things didnt work out so i was then introduced to soccer and i havent stopped watching since:] i love it, its just too sikk
Hulanji14 (Farhan) from Seattle, USA
Incuteration (Keston Huang) Singapore
Ishkhanjan (Ishkhan)
Jackolfc9 (Jack Walker) from Liverpool, England
Jaeger (Jaeger) U.S
Jamesearlgreen (James Earl)
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