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*MUSIC, all the time!!!
*football - Barca, and everything about it,
*great coaches
*apple seeds and apricot seeds which contains vitamin B-17 which is THE CURE FOR CANCER!!!
*the simple things in life like music, football, learning about the world we live in
*when the media insults my intelligence
* sick, messed up people with power
*american education
*soccer - when will they get rid of that stupid name
Semi-Pro (Mostly on the Bench) Modern School Of Soccer -coach
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Wow!! The small teams are catching up!
4 years ago
They should have a tournament for those teams before the draw. andorra, gibraltar, liechtenstein, faroe island, armenia, moldova, kasakhstan, san marino and mal...
Tel Aviv and Jaffa had merged, there used to be a macabi jaffa (hardly an arab team) hapoel tel aviv is now based in jaffa, its a more tolerant team as far as r...
Rayplaybass thought the VfB Stuttgart v Hoffenheim match was awesome
Rayplaybass just became a Fan of AFC Wimbledon
Rayplaybass thought the Norwich City v Bury match was awesome
Rayplaybass gave the Norwich City v Bury video a rating of 5
Rayplaybass nominated J. Reindorf (90') for Goal of the Week
The Irish did, at one point in the 90's...(Imean an actuall strong team)I'm with bplittle, 4-3-3 without torres! and yes, I'm a reds fan: REINA OVER DE GEA??? a...
6 years ago
A reform has to be made with the type of contracts in football! you can't blame a team that doesn't want to lose $18 million, while the player could lose fitnes...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Off the hook! that's how transfer talks should be like...
Basically hapoel (usually red) are historically socialist/communist clubs, and maccabi are the secular Zionists. today, the maccabi fans claim to represent all...
7 years ago
E.T GO HOME!!!!!!!!
Hapoel mitpareket!!! next year, no players left!
The US will never be a stable team... it's just a mocked sport here... once in a blue moon they'll win as an underdog and make some headlines, but that's about ...
Iceland has to be one of the best teams in the world in relation to it's population. does anyone knows whats the pro footballer/capita ratio?
The dumbest comment i ever seen!!! thank you sean for making me laugh! u just said the same thing over and over again...if you are over 8yo... wow you are 24yo...
Oh Hamburger... you're gonna get eaten this year...very sad...
Can't really think of good footballers I don't really like... but I will say this. you have to be a human being, and by that I mean actually human! I seriously ...
And yes manu is the most professional team in the EPL. but football is entertainment, and the most professional is never the best. would you wanna see a profess...
8 years ago
So how do you explain the 2nd goal of catania? Buffon with a rookie mistake...
Hi there. You're into jazz also? Who do you listen to?
Hows it going rival!? whats crackalackling? =]
Somewhere on FootyTube
This barca team is THE best team in the history of football. it's a team that all the team sin the world look up to. they have a game philosophy that is no secr...
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9 years ago
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