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Can you release me from status please Zilch?
3 days ago
1 month ago
Right then listen well. The mods that hang around the EPL forums are sick and fed up of you posting annoying or stupid comments on the other teams forums. I don...
3 months ago
Im bored..hey Zilch. wuh?,,,whats going on?..how are you? :) can you let everybody know in the Arsenal forum(especially my devoted fans) that ive not left...
When will my ban be lifted? :) I promise ill be good. you must admit my behaviour is getting better
I feel like ive been banned forever!...its been weeks!..months! when will my ban be lifted is all I want to know?
When is my ban lifted? ive learned my lesson..I promise. Ill stay away from United forums.
4 months ago
Has Wenger worn his extra long coat so far this season?
The past 5 minutes have actually been good for you :)
This is the most boring, average United team ive ever seen. How did they beat us.? They r crap!
Munchen are ravishing City right now
I feel like getting an early night sleep... So I think ill watch the United geame
Pretty much the Munchen team. Lewa(since he is a L finalist and had a big part to play) The best player from Real/Barca.And Willy in goals because I think hes g...
My team of year. Willy Caballero(yes) Lahm,Alaba,Dante,Silva Ribery,schweini, Bale Messi,Lewandowski,Ronaldo
What about Lewandowski up front?????
They even spelled Mandela wrong. They spelled it "Madiba" for some reason :(
@Prophet88 I think,,,,,in hypothetical experiments...(aka Imagination land). You can just make up any crap you want. Im my hypothetical experiment im a better...
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