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Hahaha. Where was the 'hand of god'-reloaded when they needed it on Cadera's header? :) Sepp Blatter barely just shook the "genius's" hand in the introductor...
7 years ago
Look.. We are probably barely worthy of being called 'amateurs' but, dude, which professional player out there would need to purposely apply the kind of challen...
The difference between Ole Gunnar's action and Suarez's , is that Ole Gunnar did not stop a goalbound ball in the last second with his hands. He challenged a _p...
I'm from the school of thought that when the ball has not crossed the line a goal hasn't happened. I'm for really penalizing the team whose players resort to s...
It wouldn't be "the right thing" if the rules made provision for his team's goal to be discounted if as the last line of defense an outfield player resorts to p...
So much for posting on Asahi Black Munich-type :P Clarification: I said 2 - 1 down because the 1st goal by Klose was in fact offside when the keeper sent the...
The difference is that it's not the German goalkeeper's call to say whether there was a goal or not, but it was Suarez's conscious decision to disgrace the game...
"I honestly don't see why anyone would consider suarez to be anything but a true player of the sport. This hand ball is exactly what any player should do if put...
He did not even attempt to head the ball away. A player of his so-called calibre. The aim of the game, the very essence of soccer, is to prove you've got the s...
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