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More like 100 million. and because he runs like 3 players let's say 300.
1 month ago
^ he IS overrated but that doesn't mean he's not a good coach. Look, when people regard someone as the best coach in the world the expectations rise as well. @...
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2 months ago
Most of you have written us off the CL already, and probably rightly so. Some blame it on the injury "crisis", some on Pep. As a fan who never supported Pep, I...
Read this on Goal: Worldwide premiere on Tuesday Venue:Munich THE LAST STAND Plot: Ravaged by heavy casualties and forced into retreat,the legendary Bald One...
Oh well... that's the sad part
Guardiola will be out of the Porto game.... due to injury
^ Actually we've been playing attractive football this season so far. I'd say Pep has been influenced by Bayern's philosophy as an overall attacking minded team...
3 months ago
Dante and Boateng solid at the back. Lahm cutting behind Robben from the right, Alaba cutting behind Ribery from the left, all 4 recovering each other in defens...
8 months ago
Bayern Legends... Janker & Zickler
9 months ago
...and Janker
Horatio? lol
10 months ago
Congradulations my German friends!!
11 months ago
Ramin85 thought the Bosnia-Herzegovina v Iran match was awesome
1 year ago
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We're trending wtf :)))
This doesn't happen in bundesliga so your point is moot!
Let me tell you that I'm not going to be convinced on my forum that what barca is doing is in retaliation to what Atletico has done and justified. I have my own...
Whichever way you look at this is stupid and people from every forum are talking about it. lol about the playing dirty part I apologize, my friend told me piqu...
I shouldn't critisize barcelona on the same day we won the cup... I'M SORRY! I just never liked them
So today Barcelona gave only 447 tickets to the away fans and injured 2 atletico players inside 30 minutes, talk about playing dirty... on top of usual diving.....
Second time congratulating you guys today. BIG BIG Victory. Don't ever forget this day. P.S. We deserved out Cup today. Dormtund's goal was inside BUT it was ...
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