Rajnish waiting for chelsea to reach CL Semis
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Spoiler: This video contains so many beautiful girls!!
I need to change my DP :P
Torres doesn't even desire to score..
Chelsea has the best & most talented midfield in EPL. Also have very good defense. All the need is a firing striker and they can tear up any team.
So many long shots.. Good going Spurs!
Lampard, Terry & Drogba : Not just players, but the leaders of the game.
Hope Torres gets some confidence. He has more goals this season than Rooney, Balotelli, Tevez, Aguero, Dzeko, Adebayor, Fellaini, Podolski, Cisse, Bent.
City deserves every bit of the CHAMP(1-6)NSHIP.
Sergio ramos penalty just landed..lol
We dont talk of history, we create one! -Chelsea fan
I can see so many Liverpool fans commenting here. I heard Liverpool matches are only telecasted in History channel...lol
Barcelona is mortal at Camp Nou... Hail chelsea. RM--see u in CL final
Pep said before the game "Chelsea is the toughest team we have ever played. Messi has never scored against them". You were right Mr. Pep
6 years ago
Well played Wigan. You deserved 3 points. Arsenal has never been a safest bet.
Can you find Ashley Young? 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 o-|-< 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃 웃...
Chelsea play more attractive football than MANU. Thumbs up if you agree.
Http://www.chelseafc.com/page/LatestNews/0,,10268~2736740,00.html It did cross the line. Stay calm, Tottenham never deserved to go in FA cup final. Period.
Ashley Young has a successful alternative career in acting after retirement, similar to Eric Cantona!
Barcelona is obsessed with win & chelsea is passionate to win. Who should be in CL final?
I'm a big chelsea fan, but I must say Wigan played better than us and deserved 1 point.
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