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He is basically looking like the sterling of 13-14
1 day ago
We can spend money on players but it wont do nothing. We need a style of play, you cant buy that. Even if we got messi,pogba and hummels we wouldnt win the leag...
2 days ago
Exactly it all comes down to identity. City have always played good team football where as we rely too much on individual brilliance. When you play as a team, y...
He said all the right things
5 days ago
United weren't great to be honest...Leicester were just very very very poor. Three of their goals came from set pieces...
6 days ago
Edit:my bad
Lol that guy is too temperamental
1 week ago
He wont play vs arsenal lol.
Yea you can only play 1 goal keeper bro...and Courtois was way better and younger...same situation when cech came to the club lol... But yea i agree with obino...
Bro what you mean jose pushed cech? Cech wanted to leave
We just don't have an identity. City are a good example of a team that always played good football. They had attacking managers (mancini, pelle and now pep). I ...
So is it safe to say City got this wrapped up? Last season in the PL they were 5 wins from their first 5 games and zero goals conceded, playing really amazing f...
Damn conte look like he was gonna cry in the post match
They were 8 straight wins last yr. And they conceded 2 goals or somethin crazy like that... I dont think they will collapse again thpugh lol
So depressed...woke up at 4am for that s**t. #respect liverpool they deserved the win were much better and controlled the first half and were cruising in the se...
Yep he never had a decent game after that lol
Joel Matip says bring on Costa “If an opponent tries to talk to me during the game, really, I don’t give a f----,” he says. “They can say what they wan...
2 weeks ago
Lol i love pep and jose... but Conte is the man 😆
I hope he stays for 5 years min
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Rajmahal thought the Borussia Dortmund v Galatasaray SK match was awesome
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