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Yea Luiz had ice wrapped around his leg after the game...brutal challenge from aguero...could easily have broken a leg
2 hours ago
He also said Costa goal was handball...and was complainin about us havin 9 men in the box lol...
6 days ago
His 3rd goal was crazy...
Damn aguero love him as a player but that was nasty af. Career ending challenge
Moyes or Conte for me
1 week ago
He basically ruins image of the club, terrible loser
Take him and go...takehimandgo
Still bettter than Pogba
They will beat our record for worst title defense lol
@somere Oh i see...i didnt look into it that much
2 weeks ago
Anyone hear of RB Leipzig? They got promoted from the second division last season in germany and are now top of the table in the bundesliga above bayern after 1...
Spurs are missing Rose, Alderwereld, Lamela, Davies. Hopefully we will capitalise. Gonna be a cracker of a match either way imo
I admit i wasnt a fan of him in the 4231...but this position suits him very well. There is lots more space for him to work with. But i want to see how he goes d...
Wow Kane just scored 2 goals in last 2 minutes to steal the game from West ham 3-2...incredible #spurs#2016#invincibles#freeluka
Ur obsessed bro lol...my only posts about united was me trolling them...and that was when we killed them 4-0 lol...other than that im not the one searching up s...
3 weeks ago
R u even a mod bro lol...you always seem to add fuel rather than water to the fire lol
I'm a fan of this. Would be really good for the dressing room
^yea pretty much. And i dont know how hazard would do in 352...unless he plays second striker or somethin...
We are screwed if hazard gets injured lol... Edit Also the other option if hazard doesn't play we could still play 3-4-3 with kante/cesc play in midfield. And r...
Who cares about united and overspending. When we lost 2 games vs liverpool and arsenal ppl in this forum were saying we overpsnt on david luiz, batshuyi and mar...
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Rajmahal thought the Borussia Dortmund v Galatasaray SK match was awesome
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