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15 hours ago
Mikel is pretty good at setting the tempo
Ramires is our park jisung
17 hours ago
And besides, these are elite footballers. They can EASILY play 2 90min games per week
Loll whats with you nd resting players...our next game is monday...6 days rest bro lol
What's with these random hashtags lol
1 day ago
Footballdoc-exactly You guys are takin my post the wrong way. He alwsys had the potential...but he was playing s**t. And why do you think the media was on hi...
He probably has a chauffeur lol
2 days ago
@joey. I agree with almost everything you said. But i stand by the fact that he cost you guys goals and points and was s**t first season. Im just saying it ho...
Sorry badge he was s**t when he first started. Cant see how anyone can deny that. Fergie even dropped him for a few games thats how bad he was. The potential w...
Put any keeper in place of neur and bayern still would have ripped the bundesliga
Yea id like to as well, unfortunately im in australia
Loll yep.
3 days ago
Actually clubs in mls have salary caps and restrictions on number of foreign "marquee" signings. Further to this i think they also have transfer caps as well.
Lol dagaza so true...so much whinging and whining on this forum. Its pretty funny actually. I come here for the lols
Zzzz sick of seeing these match ups lol...hoping for somethin different
Scurrle played against 10 men of Hull while we were winning 2-0 ...and he came on 80th minute...take this into consideration when comparing the two players perf...
Cant wait to see to see him score
4 days ago
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Rajmahal thought the Borussia Dortmund v Galatasaray SK match was awesome
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