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I actually agree with ashup. I like balotelli. He does not give a f**k. You need personalities like that in the game. It makes things more entertaining/exciting...
1 hour ago
Well said. You are spot on with everything, except Gerrard DID want to leave in 05. The club didn't let him though. But that's a whole different story :)
We had plenty of chances to counter. He stopped them before they could start. I remember him making up 30 yards on Hazard. He was man of the match for a reason...
22 hours ago
On another note, Mangala was beastly
23 hours ago
I might be wrong, but i think azpi plays better at lb lol
Lol nice malik
Lol hazard seems gets along well with the french african players
"I want to leave Anfield" - Gerrard 2005 He's not as loyal as people make him out to be. People don't understand what happened in 05. Gerrard refused to sign a...
I know it's easy to say in retrospect, but I felt Filipe Luis should have come on for Fabregas/Hazard
Lol in all seriousness it's just a bit of banter. Plenty of that in this page from all parties. Lighten up sweetheart ;)
Umad bro?
Anyone see Balotelli’s twitter, he wrote "Man Utd...LOL" after the Leicester game Hahaha i fkn love this guy cant wait for liverpool vs united Balotelli also...
Anyone see Balotelli’s twitter, he wrote "Man Utd...LOL" Hahaha i love this guy cant wait for liverpool vs united
@Ninja Understand this. Lampard did not even know he was joining City lol. If City came to him directly, I don't think he would have moved lol...
1 day ago
Brilliant picture https://m.facebook.com/Troll.Football/photos/a.345973325442890.83467.345971365443086/1170789559627925/?type=1&source=46&refid=17
Watch "José Mourinho Reaction To Frank Lampard Scoring " on YouTube - José Mourinho Reaction To Frank Lampard Scoring A…: http://youtu.be/Fk7beLbR3qk He ...
This sums up how a lot of us feel now lol http://s.quickmeme.com/img/31/310036bde4e34f7cca76de3ad8e34e103b213afa059b95fd7d7f9e41e250dfe8.jpg
Lampard didn't know he was joining CIty when he left Chelsea. So I'm not mad at him. Just mad that we couldn't keep the lead. He will always be a legend of the ...
You couldn't have written about it lol
Lol but in all seriousness Drogba was probs there for set pieces, both defending and attacking
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