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Lol come on its harmless banter...it feels good to not be on the receiving end😂😂
1 day ago
Lol they want 50m... ...Thanks Unit€d and $hitty
2 days ago
Sunderland Crystal Burnley
We probably would have lost that game if he did. I mean we were 3-2 with matuc on the field lol
3 days ago
Best manager in the world is simeone. He has done amazing things with atletico with tight budget. Easily the best manager of the past 4-5 yrs
Pep didn't fail at bayern because he didnt win champions league. I think its difficult and unfair expectation to win every year. But he failed because his teams...
4 days ago
Yes it was a second yellow for diving that was obvious. But its funny that MOTD they didn't even mention the CLEAR handball from Watford player which should hav...
5 days ago
^exactly...plus the reason 2 strikers worked is because watford were sitting deep and not looking to bomb forward. If we played that line up at the start, ther...
6 days ago
Hazard needs to play wide where he has more space to dribble
But serioisly we need to sort our s**t out...that was too close lol
Meanwhile liverpool lost 2-0 to burnley...i told u guys not to get a hard on for them... Now Arsenal losing and mahrez scoring a hat trick will be the cherry ...
Cesc on bench again. Same team as last week. Pedro for willian tho Willian injured
Mourinho? Attacking?
1 week ago
Yea unit€d still havent hit full stride but they're improving, you can tell they gonna be tough to beat, especially when smalling comes back and mkhitar start...
Definite penalty
Dude costa is the dirtiest player i know ...and i love it lol😂😂
Lol Costa is dirty he always has been since his atletico days. You can't change him. He lives off his dirtiness lol
Lol mikhytaryan will replace mata pretty soon...he's the better player....mata will play europa league and cup games
Yes please 22m thats a steal
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Rajmahal thought the Borussia Dortmund v Galatasaray SK match was awesome
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