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Unbelievable...alonso you f**kin beauty...willian also was amazin
8 hours ago
We gettin torched...miracle if we make it out...to many defensive players on the pitch...we cant keep the ball...5 defenders and 3 defensive mids wtf
9 hours ago
Even if they sell him they wont find a decent replacement for less than 80m or so because clubs know liverpool have the money. And it basically causes further i...
19 hours ago
Respect to liverpool for rejecting 118m offer for coutinho...it sets a bad precedent if they accept...besides even if they do accept they ain't gonna get a dece...
1 day ago
^I agree
Chicarito a sweet player...he just always seems to pop up
Man city are favoeites EVERY year according to bookies lol
We got 3 really good players in rudiger, morata and baka. Costa and matic big losses...but im sure we will buy at least 1 more during this window...we will push...
We should be favorites...stop with this little horse crap...once hazard,baka and pedro are fit we will be alrite...and we will prob sign 2 more players
Yea i dont really know...i guess they struggled against everyone...i just remember they kept drawing against lower sides at home...
4 days ago
True Morata was great...changed the game...i think he can link up well with hazard nd pedro
There was contact with ronaldo, it was also a dive...by dive I mean that the contact was exaggerated. But basically EVERY player dives for penalties, so don't k...
5 days ago
LOLOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuLCN7-uuZ8
Put yourself in the position of coutinho, what would you do?
Who said Costa won the league for us? 1 united fan? okay so next time 1 person makes some sort of claim do we write page long essays? lol...take it e.z. bro
Don't know much about him...but hes 80 rated on fifa...should be a decent signing if we pull it off
- Lol bro whats with you nd unit€d fans...they are CLEARLY baiting you...and you keep falling for it -And stop putting words in other peoples mouths to justi...
6 days ago
You gotta understand its their job to do that. People like listening to "league favorites" talks...
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Rajmahal thought the Borussia Dortmund v Galatasaray SK match was awesome
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