Raj (Samburaj Das) Kalou'd.
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Batka (Baatarsuren) from Ub, Mongolia
Ben (Tarek Ben) from New York, USA
An avid Arsenalist since the french era began in the late nineties. I fell in love with the way football was played at Arsenal. This has inspired me to attempt to replicate this be ...
BigShel (Sheldon D.) from Unionville, USA
My home club is the Philadelphia Union. My home brew is Yuengling Lager!!!! My second favorite sport is women's pro beach volleyball!
Bintanggg (Graeme) from Cairns, Australia
Live in Cairns, dive a lot, relax and drink cold beers in the heat! Awesome!
Biriukov (Ivan Biriukov)
BirkyChelsea (Birk)
Chelsea is not just a footballteam, its a religion!
BleedBlue (Gasser X Ibrahim) from Brooklyn, USA
On a scale from 1 to 10, I'm the shit.
Bloodbrothers (Cesar)
I eat food
Bluemagic (Glenn Gundersen) Norway
Blueskiesahead (Austin Tyrrell) from Wheatley, Canada
Unfortunatly, since i live in the most americanized part of Canada (we have to drive NORTH to get to detroit, thats right, look on a map if you dont believe me) i was never exposed ...
Bmats (Brian) USA
I'm brian, and I love soccer. I was born in the US but i'm portuguese. Soccer is life. I've been supporting the blues ever since I saw my first epl game. Love the team. Soccer ...
Chelsea and
Booba (BIGGIE BEIL) from CAIRO, Poland
Google on @Biggiebeil
I'm a college student in USA studying Mechanical Engineering. I played for a year and a half on the University's soccer team, i usually play striker or wing. Now i play intramural ...
BruscoACM (Chris Brewksy) from Woodbridge, Toronto, Canada
Armed Lions! We are marching We are the Lion's cave the lions, lions, lions, lions We are the lion's cave Blood! Violence! The Lion's cave! Milan! Milan! Milan!
Cbenson1989 (Craig Benson)
Cfc26 (Akshay) from Bangalore, India
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