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I wont like if any new player comes to anfield and get a fortune more than stevieG.
Or take it as it is... and wait for abt 5 or 6 years we take charge of the mid table until we are stable.... some of our match are abosolutely amazinf but the s...
Been very patient... never thought id say that abt brendren... the liverpool board has to consider about changing management
There is a 1 cool and one clever for u. and thanks for the add mate.
And i hope the owners have already realised that...
We still need get busier in this transfer window as well... every team wanting CL football are spending but us... Rodgers will do a good job, but it is also tru...
I do still in caroll as well...
Been on footytube for about two years now.... and come and readeach and every comment say every hour... it very much apreciated that all of you fans are very st...
I actually record all liverpool games, so if u want i can email it to ya
2 years ago
Why most of the liverpool fans in this forum wanted man shitty to win today... what just for us to get in to the top 4 asap... i am actually very glad that chea...
Reina, johnson, carra, agger, enrique, lucas, adam, MAXI, downing, kuyt, suarez
Hazard will be a good addition though
I thinks that we should not make any other deal go thru now. i seriously dont want benayoun at anfield
Why is rednapp sticking with gomes... friedel is far beeter.. i hope he plays against manu
Just wana know if brad friedel was the goalkeeper in your 5 0 win... thanks
What a lad, hes back for the opening game. cmon suarez, lets go and thrash sunderland... now waiting for our captain to be back and we are a real forceeeeeeeeee...
At last jovanovic gone... waiting for for offloads now
The days are gone when most of the players were at their peak from say 22 to 28... with all the facilities now in modern football.. it can be seen that players ...
Why does everyone forgets about kuyt then.... makes a massive difference without him in the team... sometimes you really need players to play with heart in the ...
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