Rader10 (Joshua Fabiyi) Arsenal ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! GANGSTE
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Ragarsha (Ragarsha) from Hyderabad, India
Riofred (Rio Ferdinand) from Manchester
Ronaldinho (SAIDINHO) from Rochester, Usa
Hi their i am a soccer fan and i am chelsea fan big time and so on my favorite national team is brazil hope they can win the world cup!!i also play soccer games such as fifa ...
Football is my passion.
Salmander (Salman Khalid)
Savio (Savio Mendez) from Melbourne, Australia
StrikersMT28 (Brendan Herron) from Zoo Town, USA
Given that I don't have any soccer channels on my tele, I resort to footytube for my highlights. I love to play, too, and for America, the Northwest is, by far, the best football ...
Tevez32 (Umer Mo) from Bury, Manchester, UK
Born and brought up in Hong Kong..Now in England. Am 18 atm and I live in Bury in Manchester. I go to Bury College and studying BTEC NATIONAL in IT "Booorrring Stuff". Wanna kno ...
Theshid (Rachid Insa) from Montréal, Canada
I started supporting liverpool when i was like 9 firstly because of the colour of the jersey which was favorite colour lol but with time i learned the mentality and the culture of ...
VanPersie (Neil Mason) from Nelson, New Zealeand
I live in new zealeand and play and watc football it is the best thing in world along with arsenal and van persie
Vlad (Vladders)
Arsenal and
Waclott (Theo Walcott) England
Wayway3000 (Sweetboi Way Way) from London, England
Yamsy (Jason Lee Yuen) from Hong Kong, China
Used to come on footytube everyday and was a powerhouse in the early days, but I rarely go on now. Im from Hong Kong. Going to Sevenoaks to study. I hugely support Liverpool. F ...
Yerituuski (Karel Goyens) from Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
I'm an Arsenal supporter for life. Started loving them about 2 years ago, and haven't looked back since.
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