Rader10 (Joshua Fabiyi) Arsenal ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! GANGSTE
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Giorgakis (George K) from Glenview, Greece
Baller, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, jugamos!!
Gooners (Chris Gogarty)
GoonerXi (Andy Gogarty) from London, England
I am a goalkeeper. I am 50% Irish, 25% French, 25% Italian. I am an Arsenal fan like everyone else in my family. Started following Arsenal since 07/08 Loves the UEFA Champions Le ...
GunnerTom (Thomas Sloan) from Myrtle Beach, USA
16, Sophomore, High School, America, SC. I LOVE THE FOOTY! I Love watching, playing and talking about it.
Jamalkaka (Jamal Waberi)
Jcmessi (James Cleus)
I love football,now im livin in the u.s
JCole (Joe Cole) from London
I am Joe Cole What You Up To
JohnG13 (John A.) from Salonica, Greece
I come from Athens but i live in Salonica.My two favourite teams are Chelsea and Panathinaikos F.C.My best player is Frank Lampard and i like playing football every day. Chelsea a ...
Lee (Lee Smith) from St. Julians, Malta
Co-founder of the site you are on.
LiamW (Liam Woolley) from Auckland, New Zealand
Manchester United are to good for every other team in the English Premier League and Spain are the best international team in the world.
Mannyochoa (Manny Naranjo) from Mission Viejo, USA
I switched academys from atlas 2 america very happy bout it
I'm cool with supporters of any club so long as they're cool with me. We all like the same game right? :)
Matt (Matt Jackson) from St Julians, Malta
and England
In case you were wondering I was born in Southampton and lived there most my life. Hence my heart lies with a football team which seems keen on ripping it out.
Momoali (Momo Ali) from Warrington, England
Nani22 (Nani) from Manchester, UK
My full name is Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha i am from portugal and i play for man utd.
Omarmoke (John Babsa) from Stafford, U.S.A
I like to talk about football and argue over which team is the better team,i also enjoy a competative game as well
Puzdog (Hank Trotter)
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