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4 years ago
I was watching the game on german television, where the commenator was complaining that the penalty foul on özil resulted from an offside, he was a bit offside...
Was a great match to watch, not only in the highlights if you watch the bbc full highlights, at 10:26 & 10:44 replay you have to watch the scene with ramirez a...
5 years ago
Sadly, i didnt see the match, from the highlights looked to be a great game, heard milan hit the post before the 2nd goal, so wasnt that easy for barca Compare...
It´s very interesting to see that everyone hails milan, since they are more or less exactly playing like chelsea, last year all comments were about flaming and...
Very good game, don´t see why fulham even deserves an average vote, you have to give manu credits to win nearly any close match, no matter if they play good or...
"But glad spurs took the win away"... he meant Spurs took a win FROM ManU away,
Finishing seperates the best out of the rest, so Tottenham is not unlucky but you can say ManU is lucky not to loose, cause allowing 25 shots ends most times in...
Nice reminder, nearly forgot that moment
Not commenting the horrible scene with suarez at the WC, but shot was not on target, therefore crucial deflection and an own goal, sry... but does it really ma...
Was a very exciting Game to Watch, Villa deserved a point, but ManU had the Big Club Bonus as they had better substitutes on the bench, Villa had like 19 Fit pl...
I just only saw the highlights but even in the UEFA-statistics it looked like manu was not in the game till the 80th Minute, it´s still fascinating how manu le...
So all man city players are born rich and beautiful?? how you dare to decide which player is allowed to get trophies, just when the club´s owner is investing m...
Another great game by liverpool, they already played Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, so with a little bit of luck, maybe they can win 10 out of the next 12 games, t...
Just another proof that roy hodgson made some right decisions, if he did some more, maybe we could have beaten even italy and germany some months ago (against s...
Why many do not understand the differences between ironic, cynical and sarcastic. Nothing you say is automatically sarcasm, just because you meant it the other ...
Frankly, what i saw in the analysis, i think its not a penalty for Manchester United, because valencia is not trying to score a goal, i gave all the respect to ...
This is the sir alex ferguson mystery
Sadly, the other team should be happy with their performance
Liverpool fan too...remarkable fairplay by carrick, 99% would have gone down, and like said before a penalty IS NOT the best chance to score a goal xD nani´s ...
Yes the first pass from messi to alexis outside the box was an offside, everything else in this attack was correct @1Gunner: the ball from pedro to messi was a...
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