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Silva is a pure class...what a pass,Wow!!!
What a pass that was from Coutinho... that guy is really special
Excellent display by both teams...both the teams have their chances. A draw would have been a fair result. I think they are the main title contenders (Arsenal f...
That pass from Drogba !!! World class...
Neymar had couple of good runs, but his finishing was horrible. Last goal was good. Barcelona needs those quick passing in the box.
Barca's playing style has changed a lot...even Messi running straight through the flank and putting a cross for Bartra. They are using wing more and getting mor...
I am not talking about this particular game. But the way Xavi and Iniesta used to be instrumental in barca's attack, I have not seen them in such commanding pos...
What a game for Valdes !!! Great... Have not seen Xavi, Iniesta so dousy . I dont think they have made any significant appearance in this season...not many goal...
Still no alternative goal scorer for Barcelona...this is not going to work for the entire season !!! I am not sure about Neymar...He does not posses the treat i...
Ok, thanks!!
Just want to know whether penalty shoot-out goals (not penalty kick during match) count on as official goals in favour of the players ?? Can someone tell ?
4ever: I have no doubt that Messi is the best. Messi is scoring loads od goals because we always want him to play in front of the goals, had Villa/Ibra got chan...
Of course, Villa is a class on his own. I, to some extent, agree when you say "Messilona system". I do not think any good (or famous !!) striker will ever have ...
Barca will always look scary against small teams, but I doubt this defence will stand against Madrid, Bayern or Chelsea. The same old defence... I do not think ...
With their Yellow shirt and sheer pace, Sevilla players looks like last season's Dortmund !! lol
I do not think Spain has such strong players? Do they? Yes, I agree Javi should be in instead of Busquets. He is an excellent and very useful player. Physicalit...
May be not always this poor...with Puyol, Markos Senna, CapdeVilla -- defence was not this transparent !! But, now this is horrible. But, I agree on one fact, B...
Yeah..I knew about throw-in call, but did not know about the other one. Thanks !!
Really ?? One can not play offside in opponent's half!!! I did not know that...Wiki page does not anything like this... I am not sure.
10 goals from 4 players...very selfish indeed...they should have given their goalkeeper to score once...this is one rare opportunity that Casillas/Valdes/Reina ...
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