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4 years ago
Yeah he's made them even more dominant. how many managers would have done that. a handful maybe
Pvolpert22 gave the Liverpool v West Ham United video a rating of 1
Pvolpert22 gave the Stoke City v Chelsea video a rating of 1
What a game from Navas, should have had 3 assists at least
Pvolpert22 gave the Arsenal v Southampton video a rating of 2
He had already had a fair one discounted as offside. so no
The Manuel Neuer look-alike in the front row was also in the front-row at the Arsenal match.
There's nothing to excuse. There was a clear pull back on his shoulder, though there are like 7 camera angles where it's unclear. 1 of them is very clear though...
NickyRibs if you want to see a clear dive, watch Bale a couple of games ago. You could fit a smartcar between him and the defender
Not a dive. Only in the last camera angle at 5:10 is it easy to see that Neymar gets fouled by Abate, Abate having f**ked up pulls his left arm/shoulder back. T...
Especially after making a general comment on the match as a whole. You do see why that's idiotic? To make a comment on the match as a whole when you did not wat...
"first I didn't watch the whole game. the only matches worth watching are champions league." What miniscule piece of credibility you had before saying this has...
Lol you have no clue about football rules, that literally has 0% to do with it
Sturridge's was harder, Sanchez's was infinitely more important
For god's sake, no footylight.
It is strange seeing Walcott scoring great goals such as that one, and frequently missing much easier finishes. I really don't know what to think of him.
Only footylight has the ability to make me prefer 2 minute highlights to 11 minute highlights.
Jonjo Shelvey. How can someone so promising be so bad at times?
Glad to see David Villa having success. He deserved a lot better than what happened. On this form, he'll be back in the Spanish national side come the world cup
Is it just me or does jose look like he's aged a decade since coming back to chelsea? Anyway, great win for Everton and Martinez. A real class act the both of ...
How can you not realize that the touch caused his left foot to hit the back of his right leg?
Not a dive, and unfortunate for the defender but a foul nevertheless. There is slight contact which pushes Müller's left leg onto the back of his right leg. Th...
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