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In what way? barcelona had defensive possession ie to stop chelsea getting the ball and creating chances, and chelsea were happy with barca keeping the ball. Bo...
6 years ago
And over the two legs bayern munich were the better side. good thing they went through. Real madrid were so arrogant thinking they could get to ffinal so easy, ...
To all of you, CHEL|SEA WONT WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. hope they knock out milan though
They were probably walking like that when we scored
Hope so
To all the people out there saying arsenal are just lucky to win all these matches, we are not, newcastle defended the whole match and it was our sheer determin...
Most of this is rubbish. ronaldo left manu because hes a twat and he wanted the spanish lifestyle and his dream club was r madrid, its not cos la liga is better...
Rubbish. If you look at distance ran, spanish teams on average run more than epl teams. This stat was discovered by a reputable organisation too.
Maybe they were just lazy? wouldnt be suprised if ibra was
Milan fans were boasting about el-sharaawey and how he is better than over-rated alex-ox before the match. I think tonight proved alex-ox currently is actually ...
Some of those players are past it. milan really need some new players lol
They did try I know it looks like they dont but they just cant keep up with the pace and they arent used to being pressed so much. Last season, at white heart l...
They werent lax they just couldnt keep up with the pace.
We played with heart and drive, which is characteristic of english football. Its a shame we did not stick to this ethos in the first leg. But anyway beating mil...
You get that with any country though. If you listened in italian they probably were biased towards napoli
You will see at the bridge how well chelsea do. Napoli are at their best when counter-attacking. If chelsea stop this and take their chances which they can get ...
The truth is napolis 2nd and 3rd goal were due to chelseas mistake. They arent actually as good as I thought they were. They are just really good at counter att...
If chelsea defended better, it would have been an easy match for chelsea no question. I know im an arsenal fan and everything but I still want english teams to ...
You didnt see the whole match. Both tams were even, in face chelsea were the better team, napoli just took their chances
The thing with walcott is hes only 22, he is not the finished article yet. For a wainger/forward, peak years are 25-29.
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