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@Yaldho I think the reason he is having a say is because he's been given total freedom by the Glazers. He is their man and even though i do think he is a very s...
18 hours ago
Here you go kelvin, both Ogden and Taylor are reporting it...
19 hours ago
We apparently held talks with Cavani's advisers in Paris last week for a possible move for 60m....mainly because Woodward is desperate for a star signing. I th...
Let me ask you place of SAF imagine either Shankly or Paisley having trouble with Messi. If you for a second think that Liverpool would let go either ...
20 hours ago
That was actually a bad sub. Bayern defenders were literally shitting their pants when Ronaldo had the ball at his feet...also i don't think it was a technical ...
22 hours ago
Yeah but Bale is better than Isco in defense too..i mean he has some experience playing LB.
23 hours ago
Carlo should put Bale in for Isco. His pace would exploit the Bayern defense. Bar Alaba no one would be able to keep up with him.
Pepe is a walking circus.
As Joey said the tactics are same, the difference is personnel and relative to that we did extremely well. And CJ we too missed tons of chances...some of the be...
I don't see this happening and if it does the result is gonna be one of the extremes...either extremely good or batshit crazy...there is no middle ground if tho...
Yeah and guess what CJ then your sorry ass would again be the first one to complain and bitch about it...some inherent qualities are just too hard to get rid of...
I hope we do go forward with clearing out some of the players that we had planned to. Likes of Anderson, Rio and especially Young and maybe even Nani. I fear th...
Did you say more important than SAF? i guess you are a deluded Messi fanboy. And NO the owner is not in charge of the team, the manager is. The owner is i...
Yeah he prefers 4-3-3 but he also said it depends on the players he has at his disposal. Regardless of whatever system he plays he won't be able to fit all of R...
Van Gaal said in an interview that whichever club he goes to he keeps one of the former coaches with him to help him out with players and the youth setup especi...
And what prejudices do i have? whereas i could name more than 5 that you have.
You're talking too much sense Kelvin and that ain't gonna have any effect on people with preconceived notions and prejudices.
I think he has surpassed the legendary status and has become immortal along the likes of Sir Alex, Sir Matt Busby and Sir Bobby Charlton...all he needs is a "Si...
RVP and Kagawa are darlings of some fans here, most of their shitty performance gets swept under the incompetence of someone else when they had even a worse gam...
A manager doesn't wait to buy his former player until the last minute knowing well everything about the release clause in his contract unless ofcourse the perso...
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