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Becks looks like he is trying out for the next Pirates of the Caribean movie. Swashbuckling. Still got it though
5 years ago
MLS needs some good commentators because 'look at that topspin' is shameful! Enthralling match though!
THe article link about Cech is such amazing irony! haha
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
This is irony at it's very best!
Lol at Modric's celebration. He doesn't score very often and really didn't know what to do except shake his fists. Great strike and a fabulous game from Spurs. ...
People are too quick to judge what Ronaldo did. He was obviously provoked by an opposing player and has a fierce competitive attitude. I don't doubt many of us ...
I'm pretty sure you are the only one who thinks they are similar. Ronaldo is miles better then Suarez will ever be.
Di Maria. Better passer and more consistent when healthy(last season).
Neither of those trophies are legit big club trophies. It's like Cesc celebrated winning the Emirates Cup.
Khedira's goal could not have been offside because Puyol touches the ball with his right foot before it is shovelled into the net. Great game to watch. Just sho...
Haha...Channelling Andy Grey are you gunners?!?!
Liverpool was never even .... in LOL!!
I gotta say this. I like Lindegaard a lot better in net. The guy is huge and just plays with a swagger. More like VDS then DeGea. I was happy we won this game b...
Clearly the Penalty was called back for encroachment. Slowing down mid run up and stopping dead at the ball are two very different things. Ronaldo's penalty was...
Wow! Second goal was entirely Marcelo's fault. Every defender knows to make d*mn sure that ball goes out if heading for the touchline. Real got the win right af...
Lindegaard should start over De Gea. He has a far better save percentage, clean sheets, and doesn't make stupid mistakes. He is an older keeper with better comm...
Also we have been crippled by injuries in both the midfield and the defence, hence the reason for our dizzying number of changes in those areas.
I would like to say a big F*CK YOU to FIFA for banning the poppie symbol. It represents those who died in the war fighting to bring the entire world freedom. Th...
Somewhere on FootyTube
If he had said f*ck you to Suarez the guy probably would have gone down groping his leg like he had been shot. Suarez deserves an oscar for some of his performa...
Good win from Germany. Disappointed to see my Oranje lose but at least it was to a team that is beautiful to watch.
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