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I am ashamed to say I havent touched it in weeks
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Cheesy Ed
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He ducks under it
Holdup play, extending the width of our attack, we were very narrow today, all things that have been said here many times before, Defoe does not fit our style o...
He comes to the NYC fanclub meetups
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Has the formatting for mobiles been changed on this page? Its been off for a few days, I can't seem to scale up or down
Haha Dazeds you never get much love but I applaud the enthusiasm
1)Super Jan 2)na 3)Soldado because, goals
Sturridge has matured a lot in the last year, no more childish moaning. In his post match interview he was talking about putting his head down, winning and losi...
Haha as reported by
Please bring that nutbag to the EPL I miss watching him
12 minutes of stepovers, I kid. His fast flicks are very impressive
Too funny
He responded to a retweet saying AVB doesn't think he's good enough
I'm up
Don't get me excited
It's a fire sale!
Mods are asleep, post more Bale speculation threads or links with no quotes. Enough already please
Its 15 yr old Mag
If we sold him, where do you think he would go/like to go?
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