Priquiav who has livejournal? tel me urs il add u
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^^I don't thinks so mate
5 years ago
Hey mate! Gave you 2 cool votes! See you around the site mate and good luck!
Hey red devil...ready to taste the first defeat :P
6 years ago
So uve been to seattle before? its a beautiful and romantic city, but ive stayed there for 9 years and most of my friends have left, so im leaving for pastures ...
Wow ur my top friend. oh im in spain now, fixin some things and go back to the philippines myb nxt week haha miss ya too man! i wasnt able to see ur msg ryt awa...
Hi :D
No prob, man. we friends now haha :D
Hey sorry about making you a rival was aiming for the friend but my clumsy hands sliped up... lol
Heyyy ;)
Hes not my favourite player but he is pretty amazing
Yeah, he's ur fave?
So javier hernandez huh what a player
What he said.
Hey thats okay :)
That is nice. i live in seattle. im busy preparing as i will be relocating this coming june. whats new with you?
Haha, Hola Chicha. Yea. :) But all fine here. U have not watch a football game for a long time? wow, study comes first, so, Good Luck with it ehy? ;)
7 years ago
Hola mi Amiga! :) what's uP? Long time no see? busy with studies? :) I see
Not really, been busy recently. which part of spain are you from? =)
Oh really!so ur half filipino?? actually you look like filipino.=)
No way viva czech! pero la vida no es checo! i like czech! they have a really great and greatest football team with a great players that can break through the o...
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