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CDMs do not get the credit they deserve and aren't the most marketable of players. Their contributions are often masked by big name forwards.
2 days ago
Wow ... that's brutal.
3 days ago
Looked like Suarez was blocking Alves view. I don't think it should have been allowed to stand
5 days ago
Can't watch
Funniest thing I've seen today
6 days ago
When you don't start your big name players in a game of this magnitude it will raise questions. There are discussions about the exclusion of Kun Aguero. Barca d...
1 week ago
For me it felt like they were trying a strategy that wasn't working as well as they would have liked. The article below details Lucho's tactics earlier this ye...
Pep does have a poor UCL away record. The scoreline doesn't do justice to City's performance. It was individual mistakes and the quality of MSN that got the re...
Agree with all your points Malik. It's hard not to feel that Bartra didn't get enough chance. It could be that the other managers opted for experience rather t...
RB is a serious concern. Apart from Sergi we don't have anyone reliable For CB ... We had Bartra. Has anyone been following Dortmund? How is he doing?
I remember earlier this season when we played Bilbao. Lucho had set up a similar game plan where we invited the opposition deep into our half and looking to cou...
I guess it's always hard when you go to a new team. The people are different and you have to adjust to their culture, learn their names, their language and all....
Well I already tried Google that's why I was asking here. I guess it is too early
I'm planning to travel Europe in mid July-August next year. I'm really keen to go to Camp Nou and watch Barcelona play. I'm trying to get information for the 20...
2 weeks ago
Whatever the position Sergio Roberto can play em all
1 month ago
Where's the receipt?
No one expected us to lose to Alaves lol. Last 3 times we played city we have won by only a goal. Even though we may have dominated the match, there was no 'unl...
I never thought it was possible to counter-attack with possession. This certainly adds a new dimension to our play.
Well, possession football means nothing if there's no penetration and finishing. Regardless what system you employ you need to finish off your chances. Today......
3 months ago
I hear that Roy Hodgson is looking for a job!
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