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We've gone from one of the strongest midfield to a non existent.
15 hours ago
Worst thing about watching Arsenal's games is that you don't know which Arsenal will show up. They either entertain or disappoint. 2 days and 2 s**t performance...
4 days ago
Works in your favour...not like arsenal will be able to turn it around.
I'd love to be paid millions to walk around the pitch!
5 days ago
Everyone has been complaining about our non-existent midfield. We are too much reliant on the front 3.
They will slice us like cheesecake.
PSG were all over us. I dunno y he opted to start Gomez who had 0 defensive contributions. Messi Gomez n Sergie on the right and none of them wanted to defend o...
What a nightmare. Pathetic display from all our players. Seemed only Neymar wanted to win. Lucho had no clue what to do.
Good point on the injury time. We probably actually played 2 mins of football during that period of 5 mins. I really dunno how the rules around injury time work...
1 week ago
I've been told a smile can do wonders... Regardless of how creepy it was surely Gamero was dazed by it.
No doubt game should have gone in extra time ... we got lucky
I think we got very lucky with that disallowed goal. Can't imagine us going through extra time 10v9. However no Suarez n Roberto for the final.
Inconsistency is something which match officials and Arsenal players share a coffee over.
2 weeks ago
Watch through to 6.10 ... it is a not very convincing dive from Henry. He is trying to turn and shoot plus Bosingwa tugs his arm. Anelka's dive to get Abidal se...
We have been ok but a combination of disallowed goals, incorrect offside calls and penalties not given have further reduced our chances to win games. I would b...
They probably all hired Messi's dad to do their tax
1 month ago
Lol Juventus JJ ... my eyes are hurting.
Princeofla just Watched
4 years ago
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