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Will we see pig heads again?
3 days ago
Well, last I saw an article about Neymar wanting Coutinho to join Barca...
Fixtures for RM in a few weeks. ...Atletico at home ... Bayern away ... Gijon away... Bayern home ... Barca home ... talk about having it tough.
1 week ago
Lol ... How fortunate you have avoided Leicester.
We meet again. May the best team win. Good luck.
Well Sanchez part of your prayer has been answered let's see if Bayern do the other part.
Alves returning to Camp Nou...:( Neymar vs Alves (if he plays)
I was thinking the same thing. Even with that formation they haven't had any attempts on goal in the first half. Surely they have some sought of fight left in t...
Pep's away record is terrible. I'm not surprised. Monaco are very exciting to watch
It's rumors. Anyway if we won't try we won't know. Who knows you might sell if price is right.
How stupid from Nasri. He cost his team. Vardi 1 - Nasri 0
Well done Leicester and best of luck for the next round.
How poor are Sevilla at penalties. Are they competing with last season's Barca.
Leicester are through to the next round. What a dream for them. Surprisingly their form has improved after Ranieri. Sampaoli n Nasri were sent off. Can't believ...
More money doesn't equate to better teams...lower EPL clubs do have more money to spend than lower La Liga clubs but then English players are much more expensiv...
2 weeks ago
His form has improved significantly in recent weeks. Happy for him to stay.
Don't worry Arsene's got it sussed.
Https:// slow it down between 0:11-0:12 when the contact is made. You will see that the ball is on the right-hand side of Ney...
Princeofla just Watched
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