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Maybe Simeone was cautious in his approach today and he is more confident that they will get a result in the return leg. If it wasn't for the penalty a 0-0 res...
4 days ago
Yes, I noticed that too considering that they score most of their goals from set pieces. Maybe they didn't want counter attacks against them incase they lost t...
I would say 1. 3 Reasons: 1. I'm biased 2. Besides anything Leo is the limit of the dangerous scale. 3. I haven't seen no. 9 combo in action as much. 4. ...
1 year ago
The best thing about some of these are that they are not half-hearted strikes!!
"The popularity of football also brings some dangers," he said. "The financial success of our sport makes it, unfortunately, of interest to international mafias...
Heres an article written last year about academy squads. Even t...
I think what he implied he didnt know that the salute action he performed was associated with Nazis, or if he did know then he wouldn't have done it. Why can't ...
A salute is a gesture of respect. How many 20 year olds would know what is a politically correct way or incorrect way to salute? I don't think there is awarenes...
I think Nani's red card was harsh (correct call but harsh but not debating about that) and this ban is even worse. In this modern world, I had no clue it resemb...
If you thought Nani's red card was this.
He went super saiyan!
I was just about to post that...gotta say Torres has competition.
Torres syndrome?
3rd/4th spot might even get tougher for you guys...even Tottenham.
Um not taking away anything from Tottenham or Chelsea. They are both UCL quality teams. Tottenham finished 4th and could have been in UCL this year if wasn't fo...
Sergio Busquets - The Octopus of Badia
@ Customize, one penalty away should mean opponent score two penalties to have an edge :)
It's hard to justify that it is correct or incorrect. But in scenarios such these it seems very unfair. In 180 minutes the game is 3-3. But the away goal by Ade...
Why do they have a test draw? :S
I don't mind away goals but i think it shouldn't have significance during extra time. Away goals adds more excitement over the two legs, I think.
Princeofla just Watched
2 years ago
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