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I did. Sevilla players did seem to get too complacent towards the end. Sevilla look to be in a better shape to play the big guns of Europe. However, I am glad t...
8 hours ago
That was freaking awesome. Great fighting spirit. Good luck for the second leg. Hope Pep's poor away record doesn't cost you.
1 day ago
We've gone from one of the strongest midfield to a non existent.
3 days ago
Worst thing about watching Arsenal's games is that you don't know which Arsenal will show up. They either entertain or disappoint. 2 days and 2 s**t performance...
1 week ago
Works in your favour...not like arsenal will be able to turn it around.
I'd love to be paid millions to walk around the pitch!
Everyone has been complaining about our non-existent midfield. We are too much reliant on the front 3.
They will slice us like cheesecake.
PSG were all over us. I dunno y he opted to start Gomez who had 0 defensive contributions. Messi Gomez n Sergie on the right and none of them wanted to defend o...
What a nightmare. Pathetic display from all our players. Seemed only Neymar wanted to win. Lucho had no clue what to do.
Good point on the injury time. We probably actually played 2 mins of football during that period of 5 mins. I really dunno how the rules around injury time work...
2 weeks ago
I've been told a smile can do wonders... Regardless of how creepy it was surely Gamero was dazed by it.
No doubt game should have gone in extra time ... we got lucky
I think we got very lucky with that disallowed goal. Can't imagine us going through extra time 10v9. However no Suarez n Roberto for the final.
Inconsistency is something which match officials and Arsenal players share a coffee over.
Watch through to 6.10 ... it is a not very convincing dive from Henry. He is trying to turn and shoot plus Bosingwa tugs his arm. Anelka's dive to get Abidal se...
3 weeks ago
We have been ok but a combination of disallowed goals, incorrect offside calls and penalties not given have further reduced our chances to win games. I would b...
They probably all hired Messi's dad to do their tax
1 month ago
Princeofla just Watched
4 years ago
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