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2 coolz for u:D cya around
6 years ago
2 cool votes for you
Chicharito MVP in the Gold Cup..............
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I would really love if Fab stayed in the PL..
@ Roo10ney, nice one! lmfao... Reggieb i saw this coming as soon as i saw ur comment... :P and seriously if he wants out let him go, we saw how Arsenal perfor...
Oh no i know who the real pussy is, so does everyone now. u clearly say that nani is a pussy and now u tell that is an expression and all.. u are a cunning pus...
My apologies go0bz, deep down in every football fan, they would like to win trophies & celebrate with their team.. That is what i meant.. peace!
Zosoholeh now we know who the real Idiot is all the others lets get behind the three lions!!!
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OMG IHadYouAll u call Nani, one of Uniteds player a pussy and why the hell are you insulting other people??? as DaGaza said i don't see anything worthy of the ...
Thanks for the invite mate, two cool votes coming your way.
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Yup both are French also they will sort it out...
Haha Goobz what the hell?? wat does glory hunting mean?? wanting to win trophies, that mentality of winning trophies. yes?? ya every fan loves to see their re...
Its just the Coppa??? :P
Not that's a rout...
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Jawn Seriously i just noticed your profile picture is arrogant and is offensive to our Christian community, i agree he is our religious leader in the world and ...
One thing is clear a lot of comments which were aimed at Roo10ney were because he is Rooney & Man United supporter... so y don't you lot get a life rather than ...
Ya they will be breathing right down their necks... lol
Hi Abbey, thanks for the invite, was very surprised to be invited by an LFC follower( seeing I trolled your captain a few days ago) but anyway abit of fun doe...
WELCOME TO FOOTYTUBE! 2koolvotes for ya
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Lol really?? haha
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