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Yeah, I bet you lot are shaking in fear? :P
6 years ago
Arsenal playing the way we want to see them! Now we have to keep up the momentum and hope for Chelski, Liverpool and Spurs to drop points. I don't need to say ...
On a rather poor day King Henry comes in and scores after 10 minutes on the pitch. This will give all the players a huge boost! The King has returned to home!...
That "LFC"-fan is a Liverpool- and Barca-fan, yet he has a pic of Arshavin (the man who scored 4 in one game at Anfield) scoring the winner against Barca.. IQ m...
LOL, Kangarooman! The $hitty-way of losing is way funnier! :D
How is Chelsea going to beat Napoli with this defence? If Chelski don't spend their money right they'll be out of top 4.
Hey, Pissface! It's not like we aren't getting chances, and our back four is solid. The Wolves-keeper saved a draw for them, and we should have had a penalty as...
Hey, The1boss, you forgot to change your settings to Manchester City-fan.
We played awful today, really. Luckily Benayoun came to the rescue, and I would like him to start next game instead of Gervinho or Ramsey, who could do well wit...
I can't even do that on FIFA :S
Good game, even though we didn't managed to score in the first half. Everton put up a fight in the second, and would have gotten a result out of this game if it...
Why Liverpool? They haven't spent money on anything but crap for years now! They've been a sinking ship since they came second some years back. I think City i...
Skidude... That makes just as much sense as the idiots who supports the idea of sacking Wenger!
In Wenger we trust!
Fantastic game by all the players! Arteta is growing to be that fantastic midfielder we lost in Cesc. No, Arteta is not as spectacular as Cesc, but he's much mo...
Yeah, but you were s**t!
Damn it!! Lucky win for Etihad! Oh well, I guess WE will have to do with Champions League-football...
LOL! And who's gonna carry Inter? 16th in the league, that's amazing!
Gervinho needs time like everyone else. He has impressed me so far, 1 against 1 he's world class, and his assists are proving very valuable, like the assist to ...
Let's win PL, CL and the FA-cup, shall we?
8 years ago
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