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SPORTS! Basketball, Football, Volleyball almost everything sports related.:)
There are too many to enumerate.:) I just don't like hard loosers! BOOOOO!
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Thanks for the back-up mate.:) Very well said.:)
8 years ago
C'mon man. It does not mean that I only root for BARCA. C'mon I also like ManUnited. Don't be like that man.
Is the Stoke City game the last? I don't have any idea.:))
We have a good chance.:) The only thing that is needed is for Chelsea to lose one game or draw.:) We can win the remaining games. They just need to lose or draw...
We will take this one mate. Have faith.:) My favorite team at the Premier League.
Let's go Manchester United! Chelsea will not land on London Champions! ManUnited will be Champions!
ManUnited will win.:)
That last one should not be counted.:(( Drogba was off-side.:((
This is just nerve-racking.:) I really hope ManUnited wins the title.:)
I'm a Rooney fan too.:) I support BARCA at La Liga and ManUnited at Premiership.:) When it comes to UEFA I simply don't have any choice.:) I like them both.:)
That's right. I just realized that they have the familiarity of their plays since they have played together already.:) Villa would be a good add-age to BARCA.:)
If Villa joins BARCA do you think that coach will have three strikers starting or will he make Pedro a Sub? I really doubt that. Maybe coach will have Messi, Pe...
I really hope you win.:)
That's not going to happen I think. Both teams will be playing hard cause it's for the title. The tables may turn one way or the other for either teams. I have ...
Bayern for the title!
Congrats you guys.:) Nice job!:D Go win the Champions League.:)
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