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Lech Poznan is the only club i love and support with all my heart, might and spirit... apart form that, my car, my bike, traveling, Amsterdam (guess why:D), my dog (he's a pussy but i still love him), hardcore music, conspiracy theories (but not to the point of being paranoid), and freeeedoooom:D
Selfish, stuck-up bitches, two-faced hypocrites, people who don't give a rat's ass about their own country, and last but not the least- war. other things aren't really that important to be worth mentioning here
Just for Fun (Midfielder)
In short, motoring, footy and muay boran maniac...and a great fan of feminine beauty:D want to know more- ask me:P
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Kaplica wrote in On Prejsus wall
Siema żyjesz jeszcze?
3 years ago
Good luck on the final match day. It's a close one! Come on LECH!
6 years ago
Hey Prejsu what's new? I have some interesting news for you, Booba, and Darka. I'm going on a summer seminar in Northern Europe (Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latv...
Nah Matt, not true mate. I am fully aware of the fact that it works both ways, and that's how it should be, if your players suck, they lose value, that's only n...
That may be so Matt, but it does not really make much sense, or let me put it differently, it's not really entirely fair. When a player performs well, his marke...
With all due respect, f**k you MR.WEBB!!! Lucky United bastards, a completely undeserved draw, you've got the referee and DeGea (two amazing saves) to thank for...
Yeah, I'd like to ask the same thing. Isn't the transfer window closed like since yesterday?:)
Where do you get these ideas for your profile pics, this s**t is hilarious:D whatcha been up to? I feel like I haven't talked to you for a thousand years:P anyw...
Thanks for the christmas wishes! I have not logged on in a very long time, and it was heart warming to see a message from you! Hope you are not freezing your ...
To get you into the right mood before the Gran Derbi C...
Hey Krzysztof! it's been quite a long time since i last logged on to footytube. but still, i'd just like to express my gratitude to you, having engaged in such...
Krzysz, congratulations in your conquests! Both in career and romance :) I am soon coming towards the point where I must make that jump between academia and cor...
I know man portugal does have a good team but they did dive a lot too and ref wouldn't alow us to takle them or he blows for a foul and there CIGANS haha =) we ...
Thank u & same 2 you:)
Krzysztof może w tym sezonie przynieść pokój i dobrobyt do Ciebie i do Ciebie! Wesołych Świąt i Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! I used Google translate so f...
Wesołych Świąt!! Frohe Weihnachten!! Merry Christmas!! Nur der BVB!!:D edit. Not transfer news at all obviously:) I can see a lot has changed since I've l...
Thanks for the invite, I see that you're fairly new in here, if you need help feel free to ask anything. Two cool votes flaying your way, Merry Christmas!!
Thx for the invite mate. 2 cool votes flying your way. The guy on your pic seems familiar...
Thanks for the invite man, appreciate the invitation:) Such a shame that you guys could not make the EURO group stage, I was really rooting for you, these Portu...
Sheldon, my man, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!! Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia:) That's a cool looking Santa by the way:)
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