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4 years ago
But Chelsea is an average team.
Because Alves, Alba, Busquets, Villa, Sanchez, Pedro all do enough diving for Messi. Oh Messi dives too.
5 years ago
I was wondering that too. Dortmund looked like they might snapped from between Ronaldo's goal and the half time. But they came out on to the pitch like winners ...
Very well played Dortmund, especially Lewandowski.
"if any Barca player would have done that i would have been ashamed." Barca players do many things that you should be ashamed of and you single Muller's action...
Bullshit. You saw the 3 handballs so stop pretending to be gracious with your "not even gonna talk about where there was an offside or foul" bullshit. _|_
Probably still living with his mom
Even referees couldn't help Barcelona last night. Messi and his friend can crash out of the Champion's League but Messi will still get another Ballon D'or despi...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Stop your excuses, fanboy. Barcelona's era ended last season.
I dont think Madrid does that
Where is KidultHood when Barcelona has taken a beating?
One of the better Barca fans on this place. Would just like to point out some contradictory stuff you mentioned. You said Tito should have played Abi instead of...
Or Mourinho jumping onto Callejon's back while he was doing his warm up
Or AVB's tactical genius last night.
Just ignore KidultHood. He was the same guy who kept bragging about how Barca was going to whip Madrid then when Barca lost to Madrid in Copa he was saying how ...
And Barca hadn't won against Madrid in the last 3-4 games. What's your point? Oh and we beat Bayern once as well.
Yea, Chelsea won CL last season but didnt even get to sniff knockout stage. Tell me if that was a fluke.
And dont forget, Ronaldo played there for a few seasons and absolutely dominated. So I dont know where your "EPL is holier than thou" logic comes from.
Yea. Dumb Turkish ref who missed Rafael's handball to clear a definite goal off the goalline. Should have given him a red card and given us a penalty.
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