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0Kaiser07 (Fedex) U.S
A true soccer lover doesn't just check out they're favorite team. They have to watch other games, and not the mainstream kind of games like Barcaca, Real Malos, Man. Chicks, Chels ...
2choices (Eric Githome) from Toronto, Canada
"a man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.
8ronaldinho0 (Jenninson) from Oakville, Canada
Aaron222 (Meep)
Abdil (Abdil Sani) from Manchester, UK
Loves football a lot.
Abishek (Abishek)
Abric005 (Albino Sachango) from Houston, USA Atm
Abukkk (Fendunho)
AceManDoC7 (Manuel DoCarmo) from Hamilton, Canada
AcengJauharudin (SabbathMadza)
Fan of Manchester United during the first decade of 2000. They are now just as bad as City and Chelsea for abusing transfer budgets. The team now a shadow of its former self. Never ...
Acmfan (Tatosh)
Acmilan01 (Paul) from Zurrieq, Malta
ACMilan03 (سيد) from Milan, Italy
Italian/American Speak four languages
ACMilanman (Noah Bender)
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