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It was an excellent game. I don't like to miss games against rival teams, even when it is essentially a "friendly". Nice to see us dominate against a team like ...
2 days ago
I was really impressed by Sturaro in particular
3 days ago
Yeah and I also saw somewhere that Nike have or will be filing a law suit against Juve, since we announced the Adidas contract too early or some other bs like t...
1 week ago
3 weeks ago
What a game by Tevez!!!
It was just an unnecessary and badly timed challenge. Maybe to prevent him of loosing control of the match the ref could've produced a yellow. A straight red wa...
1 month ago
That was harsh
Matri and Morata duo looking good in that first half.
Back burner? Allegri you liar
These are very sad news. To threaten somebody who ultimately is just trying to do their job is deplorable.
Good game by Arturo
2 months ago
I was also skeptical about Tevez, but like my juventino brothers, my concern was his attitude and behavior, not his skill. I remember him from way back when he ...
Excellent game. Next round here we come.
Ok, I tried letting my head cool down before saying this, but the adjective pathetic keeps coming back to mind every time I think about the game against Fiorent...
I'm gonna go ahead and make your words mine, "Yeah wtf"
Seems like we are the ones a man down
My guess the popcorn is because of the game and not the dramatic soap opera Roma's big wigs are performing
Well, Carrasco in Portuguese means executioner, so if he wants to live up to his name in Portuguese, Arsenal's chance should be less than slim.
3 months ago
I'm really impressed how on the second half we were able to better manage BVB's pressuring our transition passes. First half, despite finishing ahead in the sco...
@Skool I found a lot of Pirlo hate on another famous alien logoed forum. I was cringing at every comment that over criticized Pirlo. Btw, that's what I like abo...
1 year ago
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