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Meanwhile Roma is looking even better this season than they did last season.
5 days ago
I know I'm basing this on a goal.com article, but it seems plausible. I think, like most of you, Conte had enough of our big wigs policies. But apparently, Imob...
1 month ago
Is it just me or are prices a little better this season? Though Juve players are extremely expensive this season.
My wallet just got sad, because I gotta have one of those and price of jerseys these days are outrageous By the way, three stats. Only now I caught that :)
2 months ago
Congratulations!!!! Great World Cup win. You guys deserved it.
To answer Sam's question, I believe we got the better deal. Cole is very good and can be awesome sometimes. But I feel he is a bit of a liability, messing up on...
Vidal denied the rumors. He has, as he has done in the past, praised the club to which the rumor linked him (in this case Man U). Media is taking the praise, as...
Next time, Brasil should hire better psychologists. They where there trying to help players have a stronger mind. What we actually saw was complete mental break...
Complete mental breakdown after the first goal. Cluster f**k. I thought the psychologists where there to help prevent this kind of s**t from happening.
Https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BrvPLa7IQAAsN7m.jpg http://i.imgur.com/yTE8JSj.jpg + Neymar's fractured vertebra. Yeah f**k you Zuniga. The only reason Silva said...
I like how they have the black contour on the yellow swoosh on the home jersey, like the 2008/09 jersey. The blue away jersey looks pretty good as well (hopeful...
He seems great and I'm very optimistic about him. What I mean about PSG wanting more than just money, is that they might want Pogba or Vidal once WC is over. I ...
My concern is that PSG wants more than just money
This looks promising. Hopefully he adapts well to our style and Conte allows him to use his skills.
3 months ago
Congrats on the Juve & Friends (a.k.a. Azzurri) win. Great game!!!
@Sam. It's probably Jujex's new profile picture that is causing this... moisture. Let the records show that at tge moment I'm writing this Jujex's profile pictu...
One down, six to go :)
Plus perfection at home, if I'm not mistaken. Forza Juve!!!
4 months ago
That's infuriating! The big wigs of our team must be geniuses, since letting Immobile go seems to not make any sense. Weren't we trying to get Lewandowsky just ...
Happy Easter. And for those who don't celebrate Easter, happy Sunday equinox and all that jazz
5 months ago
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