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Happy Easter. And for those who don't celebrate Easter, happy Sunday equinox and all that jazz
3 days ago
He still has a lot to go if he wishes to surpass Giggs
4 days ago
My thoughts exactly, Sam Edit: And Jujex, thank you for posting this. It is an excellent read. I thought the actual extract was a better idea than just the lin...
5 days ago
Conte's celebration with Bonucci was pretty awesome.
1 week ago
Gio goal!!!! I'm so happy he scored
I'd go with Buffon Ogbona - Bonucci -Chiellini Isla - Vidal - Marchisio - Pogba - Asamoah Tevez - Llorente Potential subs: Pirlo for Pogba Lichtsteiner for ...
Yup. Seems like the beard was getting in his way the last couple of games. In all seriousness, I hope this game gives him the confidence boost he needed.
2 weeks ago
I think Gio was amazing in that match. It seemed like he felt comfortable playing his style of game. Osvaldo: I don't see him staying with us. Vucinic: goo...
3 weeks ago
Well, that was unreliable
Buffon Chielini, Carceres, Bonucci Pogba, Marchisio, Asamoah, Vidal, Isla Llorente and Osvaldo Our lineup today against Reina Henrique, Fernandez, Ghoulam, A...
I believe this will be good for Italian football
4 weeks ago
I wouldn't mind getting one of those three players you mentioned, but I understand that'd cost us Llorente. Having said that I agree that we should focus on you...
I agree with what is being said by my fellow Juve fans. I'd just like to add that we played well against RM, both home and away. It was unfortunate that a playe...
1 month ago
Good point. It seems we were out of options. Which goes back to the point you, Jujex and others make about us having to invest on enough good players so we have...
Do you think he was frustrated with the result alone or with Juve as well?
Common statement by footballers when trying to convey the idea that the team's success is more important than their own. Example: "I'm happy to score and help t...
Capello's circumstances where very different to Conte's. I'm not saying Capello had it easy, since had to coach a team that already had an identity and was used...
Nope, I disagree. This doesn't change anything. Yes, this is bs! We need to stop playing defensive football in the second half of matches. That doesn't mean Cap...
And I believe conceding more goals per game is a consequence of playing defensively when we have a lead, as pointed up by you and others so many times
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