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I agree with Stephenaa, including the Spurs part. Whenever Pogba's sale gets mentioned, I start wishing we don't pull a Spurs. In an ideal world, with ideal big...
23 hours ago
Hahaha Brilliant Kodyx! Wish I could like your comment multiple times
2 days ago
Remember that time where a non Juve fan came here to ask why Pogba didn't play and desided to sell Pogba in his dreamfooty team because he was rested that one m...
3 days ago
Well observed. I think you hit the nail in the head.
1 week ago
It was awesome to see the support and cheers he got as he came in
I agree with BeIn commentators assessment about Evra. He's looking a lot more like his old self and starting to mesh well with a Juve jersey
Morata playing very well today. I hope he gets on the scoresheet.
That is just frustrating and infuriating
2 weeks ago
If one comeback wasn't enough, we allowed two for good measure. Infuriating to say the least
1 month ago
What I don't get is that we were a player down and Torino seemed happy to defend and try to let time go by taking forever to let the ball back into play. It was...
I like this new team look
2 months ago
^ My thoughts exactly
3 months ago
End of drought
Vidaaaaaallll Sorry to keep you hanging :)
This is so frustrating it's not even funny
I live in the US and don't see many Italian football fans except for some rare cases. In one instance I met a Roma fan in particular that blindly said that we b...
I see Totti as a classy player for most of the time. But every now and then he has very non classy moments, sometimes on sometimes off the pitch. His claims abo...
Thank you
Silly question, but since I'm not Italian I may be excused. Because of the context I've seen it used I have an idea of what the violin might mean. But I'd like ...
10 months ago
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