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You guys have had your fun. beating us 6-0, 4-0, and 3-0 for the last three years at camp nou. but this year will be different! LOS CHE AMUNT!
3 years ago
Come on del bosque! field a barca-stacked side for both games to get them tired before the game against valencia! As happy as I am that aduriz and pablo got cal...
Barracuda, don't get me wrong but didn't man u win the league just as many times as liverpool? What is the basis of your claim that man u is the most successful...
If i were you guys, i'd s**t my pants and wet my bed. going to the mestalla is not going to be an easy game, especially with our epic form. (btw, mestalla is th...
Hey Mahmoud, me again. I just want to ask where you are from and why you support valencia. Thanks in advance.
Plus, it was reported by marca, aka bullshit
Tough luck to the greatest club at the moment. but my god how badly i wanted to punch valdes and busquets!
Man liverpool just doesn't fail to disappoint this season!
Http://loco4losche.com/blogweb/index.php?/archives/6-Valencia-interested-in-Galatasaray-midfielder-Mehmet-Topal.html he's supposed to be a replacement for da...
4 years ago
Oh well. at least valencia can focus on maintaining that all-important champions league spot. not something i can say about atletico!
Man, at this rate zamora may be called up to the national team!
Goal of the season!
Did you guys realize that torres ran almost the entire length of the pitch in like 12 seconds for that 3rd goal? he has this amazing goalscoring instinct; when ...
Let's hope that carlsberg curse is behind us!
Finally, you don't have to check lucas' passport to believe that he's brazilian. great result against benfica.
I think it's going to be a liverpool hamburg final.
That's funny you say that. watch the valencia vs. atletico game, and tell me that zigic wasn't refused a penalty. his frickin' shirt was ripped, and they didn't...
What's the point? Barca's going to when the uefa champions league for the next 5 years!
You really have to question rafa's intentions after that substitution. is here really making frickin' europa league his main target? over a champions league spo...
Although vicente is getting a few minutes in the past two games, he's made quite an impact! i'd love to see him get at least 30 minutes against atleti
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