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Ponchoman17 nominated S. Coleman (9') for Goal of the Week
Ponchoman17 just Watched
How has nobody commented on how AWESOME this game was. RIDICULOUS!!!
10 months ago
Coutinho on fire!!!
1 year ago
Shameful d by Spurs. Two most entertaining teams in the EPL
Just another day in the office...
This is awesome
Can't believe they actually signed Remy
Oh, Torres.... IS it me or does Ba often score the craziest/awesomest/weirdest finishes?
Neymar's header between the legs of that guy...totally deliberate. stunning.
I'm so confused...
Holy crap Cisse is on fire!!!!
Damn Luiz.....
Eeesh.....now we have to win in Rio....that is going to be tough
Or Messi. Or Puyol. Or Sanchez. Or Xavi. Or Iniesta. Or Pique.... (get what I'm getting at?)
Stage is set for the 30th....YES
Now where was this in the past month?!
2 years ago
So happy if Newcastle make it to the champions..oh man, talk about rising from the ashes!
Good to have Nei back, he very rarely scores from free kicks!
Raul is amazing
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