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Even though norwich's defending was suspect none of suarez's goals were clear cut, well played!
6 years ago
A few people saying messi wasn't at his best/isn't scoring etc I wonder if they noticed he got an assist in both of barcas goals?
I think dives and handballing to score a goal should be treated like defenders who rake down the last man or deny a goal scoring opportunity, should always be a...
Wow, how did sanchez not get a pen? impeded twice right infront of those farcial 5/6th assistants!
AW has brought trophies, sustainability and consistency to arsenal. you'd have to go back to gerard houllier to even try and compare to that. Fair enough on ...
Great goal from coates, shame he was prob at fault for two of their goals! maybe he should replace kuyt upfront...
At least they have the carling cup xD
Come off it, you guys would kill to be in our position rather than to be paying over the odds to get your hands on the carling cup and so what if we would be...
Ugh I liked the newcastle fans post by accident. doddsy, aren't most of your best players like collocini, ba an tiote foreigners?
On one hand I feel for everton, on the other the amount of foolish decisions that have gone against us this season (every season) puts it into a balance
New xbox achievement on fifa: save a free kick with real madrid!
Lol at casillas getting packed out by freekicks for two games in a row xD
Also you need to stop clinging on to that arsenal game you lost, you all seem to forget that you beat us the first time round when we were injury hit and down t...
Liverpool are close to becoming less of a cup team than they already are. even though gerrard is knackered he's your best player, followed by suarez who misses ...
City go for it away from home!? I lol'd
7 years ago
Rvp is ridiculous! he scored two goals on the keepers near post, and all of them from the same position! but I swear he has a serious love afair with the post! ...
Isn't that clarke kid a centreback? ever since I noticed him against us every time I watch villa you'll see this kid attacking! gotta love his commitment though...
Sick and tired of this "big game" bs when it comes to ref decisions rafeal deserved to get sent off and the united players reaction to it was disgusting I'm si...
The extra player is the ref! thankfully not today though!
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Benitez was rubbish, liverpool's trophy drought is a year shorter of arsenal's a lot of his young players are rubbish he doesn't seem to be a fan of closing dow...
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