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Francisco14 (FrancisFernandes) from Lantau Island, England
I love the Beautiful game..
My first game I ever saw live was the Manchester Derby (when I was 4) on the 20 March, 1993 at Maine Road. I even saw Peter Reid at half time! CTID
Gbherron (Brendan Herron) from Zoo Town, USA
Formerly StrikersMT28. Live in Montana, USA. Love the outdoors, love the town I'm in, love my footy.
Gersonmj (Gerson Mejia)
Ghanaboy95 (BlackStar) from London, England
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Giorgakis (George K) from Glenview, Greece
Baller, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, jugamos!!
Goonerman (Rubayet) from London, Uk
Arsenal and
Goonerokr (Kevin Franco) UAE
Gooners (Chris Gogarty)
Gunners2009 (Deel Shresh) USA
GunnerTom (Thomas Sloan) from Myrtle Beach, USA
16, Sophomore, High School, America, SC. I LOVE THE FOOTY! I Love watching, playing and talking about it.
Plain and simple. i jus love life and sports
Hashhash (Hashim Shire) from Edmonton, Canada
Hemu22 (Hemnath Rao) from Chennai, India
Iam addicted to football
Indiangangstza (Ashley Singh)
Izuuu (Izuchukwu) from Ontario, Canada
Jake12 (Jake Coltman)
Japinoy (Rhaymund)
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